Reasons Why Deadwood Removal is Important for Good Healthy Trees

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There is always a branch or two with no leaves or new buds on them. These are called deadwood. But we often make the mistake of overlooking them and not taking the necessary action.

If you are wondering if leaving deadwood behind makes any difference, the answer is yes, it does

1. Safety and Maintenance of Your Property

Deadwood will not stay on the tree forever. At some point, it will fall off. And when it does, it will fall either on the carefully manicured lawn of your garden or if the tree is close enough to your house, then on the roof or terrace. Either way, it is not convenient.

So, it is best to chop off deadwood before it can cause any harm. Bromley tree services are readily available to do the needful for you.

2. Health and Welfare of the Tree

Sometimes, the reason behind deadwood is nothing but the natural process of ageing. Still, most of the time, insects, diseases, or other problems are the causes behind deadwood. If there is an infection or infestation in deadwood, the sooner you remove it, the quicker it will be revealed.

Keeping the deadwood on will force the ailment to fester in silence without any exposure or treatment. If deadly enough, it can even cause the death of your tree.

Whenever you notice a bit of deadwood on any tree in your garden, consult a professional. The experts know about trees and tree care like the back of their hands, and you can trust them with your garden with both eyes closed.

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How to Make Your Garden Allergy-Free?

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Gardening is a pleasing experience; there’s nothing better than having a little garden. Though sometimes it may be stressful if you have seasonal allergies like pollen intolerance. With applying some simple methods, you can easily make your garden allergy-free. These following tricks can change your gardening experience:

Remove High-pollen Plants

Pollination is the biggest reason to have an allergy. Wind pollination requires an extended amount of light pollen. To create an allergy-free garden, you need to reduce high-pollen plants. If you have many high-pollen plants, it is better to change their location.

Plant Female Trees

Planting more female trees can reduce your allergy rate. Most pollen comes from male plants, but not all male plants produce high pollen. It will help if you do some research before choosing the right plant to make your garden allergy-free.

Reduce Weeds

Weeds are so irritating for gardening. If you are having something like asthma, it could be even worse. However, you would be able to remove weeds from your garden altogether, but with some tree care tricks, you will be able to reduce their growth. You can also ask an expert for weed reduction.

Plant Allergy-Free Trees

Planting allergy-free trees could be the best choice for your garden. There are many allergy-free alternatives plants such as Hydrangea, Hibiscus, Daisy and Pansy available for your garden; you can also pick some tree Plum, Apple and Cherry for your allergy-free garden.

Regularly Clean Up Your Garden

Cleaning up your garden regularly is essential. Most of the time, uncertain garden waste causes some allergic symptoms. To make your garden more allergy-free, you need to do a routine clean up.

Wear Suitable Clothes While Gardening

While garden, you need to be careful about clothing choice. You cannot avoid pollen, mould and dirt when you are taking care of your garden. Wear a long-sleeved shirt, gloves, dust mask to protect your skin from harmful allergens.

Choose Manor Gardens Tree Care as a leading tree care company. They will provide you with the best tree maintenance service for sure.

Tree Trimming Guide: What You Need to Know


To ensure the trees in your garden are in healthy shape, trimming is an essential task. Tree cutting can contribute to the health and appearance of the trees. Make sure to have all the knowledge about the tree trimming. Here is a guide for what all you need to know.

Tips for Trimming Tree

Please choose the right season:

It is often considered that the dormant seasons are the best time to indulge in the process of trimming the tree.

Size of the Brach:

Make sure you are well aware of the size of the branch you are trying to remove. If the diameter is less than 5 centimetre, it is fine to remove the branch. However, if it 10 centimetres or more than that do not engage in the process of trimming.

Weak Branches:

Go for trimming only the branches which are soft, V-shaped and have narrow angles. Do not go for the branches which are healthy and u-shaped.

Reasons why Tree Trimming is Required


Tree trimming necessarily contributes to maintaining the shape and aesthetics surrounding the tree. It can add to creating beautiful surrounding. Make sure not to impose unnatural shape or sizes on the trees.


In many instances, dead and broken branches are significant causes of small accidents. These branches contribute to a safety hazard.


Other than safety and aesthetics tree trimming is an essential attribute for saving the tree from any form of infection. Trimming can help in the airflow.

What are the Techniques of Trimming You Can Employ?

• Make sure to look for the branch collar before trimming the tree. It must grow from the stem tissue and locate at the lower base of the branch. Find the branch ridge. The branch ridge can be found on the upper surface.

• Make sure to cut the outside of the branch ridge without injuring the branch collar.

• The same techniques can be used to trim the dead branches.

Manor Gardens tree cutting company in Bromley well known for their professional services. They provide their expert services at an affordable price rate, and you can count on them.

4 Ways to Keep Your Garden Healthy and Beautiful


Gardening can be considered as one of the healthiest hobbies. By ensuring the proper maintenance of your garden, you can keep your plants safe from harmful virus and diseases. Gardening can essentially contribute to strengthen your immune system and help to cure Vitamin D deficiency. Gardening can also play an important role in beautifying your surroundings.

These are the few tips for tree care to ensure your garden is healthy and beautiful

Be Careful before buying the plants:

You need to examine appropriately before purchasing the right kind of plants for your garden. You can take help from books, magazine and catalogue before choosing the right type of plant suitable for your soil. By buying healthy and beautiful plants, you can ensure the aesthetic value of your garden is enriched.

Choosing the correct amount of fertilisers:

While essentially fertilisers can contribute to the growth of the garden, excess applying of it can also result in burning of the roots and reduce plant’s ability to absorb water. In the case of applying the wrong fertilisers, it can result in insects and bugs in the plants. These can damage the appearance of the plants as well as expose it to various virus and diseases.

Water the Garden Properly:

We all know the importance of water in human bodies. Likewise, to ensure a healthy and beautiful garden, regular watering of the plants is a must. This habit can protect the plants from being exposed to diseases by strengthening the roots. It helps in the healthy growth of the plant and makes it look fresh. The practice of regular watering can ensure a garden-fresh look.

Professional Tree Care:

To maintain a healthy and beautiful garden, tree care is one of the essential attributes. A specialised and skilled team can ensure proper and regular maintenance of plants. They can help you from initial consultation to strategise the unique designing of your garden as per your needs. It is essential to choose experienced assistance to guarantee professional treatment and high-level of proficiency at an affordable price rate.

A healthy and beautiful garden can boost your morale and confidence and help in concentration. By protecting your garden from unexpected stress and risk, you can keep yourself calm and stress-free. Find your go-to option for excellent tree care in Bromley. They help you maintain a beautiful and healthy garden can be an additional asset to your home and yourself.

How to Prevent A Tree from Dying Immaturely?

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Have you ever imagined how trees make your yard and locality beautiful? Their significance in our lives is immense and undeniable. Here are some of the tips you can help them from dying immaturely.

Tips to save a tree from untimely death

Don’t wound it

If you notice that your tree is not in good condition, try to avoid wounding it or providing a cut. Keep it in mind while you are gardening. One small cut can spread or affect the whole tree severely.

Trim the tree

There is a misconception that trimming a dying tree or a tree in lousy condition might cause it more harm. But that is not true. It will help if you trim your trees regularly even though they are in bad shape. Trim the trees like a tree surgeon to boost its healthy growth.

Help the roots to breathe

Any root that is buried under the soil will be devoid of oxygen. You will have to make sure that the roots of the tree are getting enough oxygen. You can loosen the soil a bit, making way for the roots to breathe. Keep in mind not to expose the roots.

Avoid over mulching

Mulching a dying tree to save it is the right thing, but don’t over mulch it. It is even better to leave some space between the tree and the mulch. This way, it can absorb as much as needed. Do not overexpose the roots, or it may start to rot.

Offer nutrients

This is another crucial thing that you need to keep in mind if you want to prevent your tree from dying. It will help if you give it adequate nutrients to thrive back to life. You need to provide nutrients so that it penetrates the roots.

Provide adequate water

Water your tree with the right amount. Lesser or excess watering can lead to further harm to the tree. You can use a drip hose to water the tree, and it will not penetrate much into the soil. This makes it easy for the roots to absorb.

These tips, when followed correctly, can help you save any tree from dying. In case you cannot do these yourselves, you can call for a tree surgeon, they are known to be the best in one to perform the activity.

A comprehensive guide on how to take proper care of your garden trees

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Everybody is searching for the perfect garden and backyard for their house. Adding beautiful green elements to your garden may not be as simple as it seems. Trees require adequate care and nurturing.

Never forget to water a tree

Be it a freshly-planted tree or a mature tree, and every plant needs proper watering to grow. So you must remember to monitor and regulate the water received by your trees at all times. For a new plant, it is advisable to water generously. This helps the soil accumulate and settle at the base of the tree. Consequently, this leads to good tree health as the growing plant can derive nutrients and water from the soil.

Usually, young trees must receive around 25 gallons of water weekly. In case there is not enough rainfall, you must use alternate watering sources. So, you must closely monitor the water content received by a freshly-planted tree in its first six months. For a full-grown tree, monthly watering should suffice. Techniques to prevent soil erosion and water runoff must also be undertaken for proper tree care.

Mulching is an essential step of caring for a tree

People often forget the importance of mulching for the health of a tree. It inhibits the growth of unwanted weeds and grass. Further, it helps the soil to retain water and keeps your tree roots moist.You must be careful about the quantity of mulch you use for your trees. Over-mulching can cause more harm than good. The materials you can use for mulching include:

• Wood chips
• Shredded bark
• Leaf compost

Pruning is vital

Pruning refers to snipping away dead or diseased sections of the tree. It must be done at regular intervals as a good tree care measure. It is imperative to use sanitized tools to ensure safe pruning. It will help if you cut off any branches or twigs that have grown at an unhealthy angle for the tree. Any new shoots near the base of the tree must also be pruned.

Although pruning can be undertaken at any time of the year, different seasons have different appropriate pruning times. In summer, pruning must be carried out only after the significant growing season is over. For winter, pruning is advisable after the bitterest cold comes to an end. Further, it is inadvisable to prune during Autumn if you want to avoid fungal infections for your tree. Usually, pole saws can be used for taller branches. For lower and thinner branches, usual low-scale pruning tools can suffice.

All these tree care techniques ensure that your favourite trees have a long and healthy life. So, if you want to ensure that your garden continues to look picture-perfect, you must choose professional tree maintenance services. Manor Gardens provides excellent tree maintenance and care services for all types of plants and trees.

3 Essential Services Offered by a Professional Tree Surgeon

Professional Tree Surgeon

Having large, green trees in the garden is wonderful, but taking care of them may not be so exciting for you. You may not have in-depth knowledge about tree care. This is the reason; you should get the assistance of the professional tree care experts to get professional tree services in Bromley.

These experts are often called tree surgeons or tree care specialists. To become a tree surgeon, one must have proper training, degree and experience.

Tree Care and Maintenance

When you need someone professional to take proper care of the large trees on your property; you can count on the certified tree surgeons. They are the experts of tree care. These professionals will inspect the trees and let you know what their condition is. They will take the necessary steps to ensure the long life and good health of the trees. This can include trimming, pruning and other actions as well.

Remove the Dead Branches

A tree may have several dead branches that can cause risks for the tree. It can cause a sudden fall of the tree as well. A certified and experienced tree surgeon will inspect the tree and identify those branches which need to be removed. Then they use modern tools to remove those dead branches safely and help the tree to have a longer and healthier life ahead.

Cut Down the Dead Trees before They Fall Down

If your property has trees that can fall down any time, you must contact the local tree experts immediately. They will come to cut that dangerous tree and save your property and your loved ones from hazards. These experts know how to cut down the big trees so that the surrounding area will not get damaged or no one can get injured. These experts always use modern tools to safely cut down the large trees and remove them completely from your property after cutting them.

At Manor Gardens, we offer complete tree care to our clients. Our experts know how to enhance the lifespan of the trees and how to reduce the risks in your garden. We have trained, certified and experienced tree surgeons who are well-equipped to offer you a flawless service.

How can a tree surgeon help in the perfect garden maintenance?

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The love for the trees is a cherishing feeling for many. Trees tend to provide a serene and peaceful setting and makes your garden a sanctuary of bliss away from the clamour of the city life. This is mainly because trees are healthy in their bearing and need very little care to grow. Most of the garden lovers devote a considerable part of their day in tending the flowers and shrubs which render a splendid view to their lawns.

Lots of people forget the last time they had to look at their trees and take proper care of them. Most believe that trees being sturdy in their appearance do not need much attention. However, just like all the other plants in any garden, the trees also need ardent care at regular intervals. A tree surgeon in Bromley is the professional offering comprehensive care to the trees in your yard and attribute an attractive look to your property.

Need for proper tree maintenance

Proper maintenance is essential for any tree. The tree surgeons are highly trained and equipped with appropriate tools to undertake a wide range of demanding tree maintenance procedures. The surgeons are extremely professional and deliver their work with excellence and efficacy.

The ideal time for caring for the trees

It is imperative to understand that unlike many flowers which need a lot of care and attention, trees do not need much interference. In the United Kingdom, there are a vast number of trees which exhibit varied reactions to cutting and pruning. This is the reason no professional tree surgeon can provide perfect timing for tree maintenance. One of the most prudent steps that one must take is to hire the services of a tree surgeon in Bromley. Most of the companies do not charge on the home visits for a consultation. They do a health assessment of the trees and give a rough estimation on the requisites for the procedures to be followed.

Tree Surgeon: Are they worth it?

The professional tree surgeons in Bromley are very well conversant with the proper maintenance and care regime for all the kinds of trees common in the area. They give a detailed plan of action from scratch till the completion. Factors such as the age, species, location, condition and the preferences of the customers, are taken into account to have a smooth workflow. The tree surgeons are highly experienced with a proper sense of deliverance.

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Measures You Should Take If a Tree Falls on Your Home

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A thunderstorm can be one of the reasons for tree damage or falling. Sometimes harsh wind can also uproot trees from within the soil. Trees falling on your home during a storm is very dangerous. To remove any tree from your house or property, you can call Bromley tree services for help. As a damaged tree is quite hazardous, this will need to be handled by the professionals who can carry out removal and tree services in a safe manner. Here are a few pointers you must take into consideration to make the entire process of tree removal easier, smoother and safe.

Keep Your Calm

In those moments of difficulty, you should always keep your calm. However, if anything like this ever happens, leave the house carefully as soon as possible. Make sure all the family members and your pets are safe while you make your way out of your home. Wait until any professional service comes to help as trees can cause significant structural damages to your house.

Dial 999

In case any of the electrical lines are involved call 999 immediately. Trees falling on electrical wires can cause severe fire break-out, so to avoid that you must always call the emergency helpline number 999. Turn off the power of the entire home if possible, as it may protect you from a potential fire break-out.

Shut the Gas Lines Off

Sometimes an uprooted tree can cause gas leakage as the gas lines are usually under the ground. Possible gas leakage can also lead to a fire break-out. Call your gas line service provider so that they can confirm there is any possibility of a gas leak or send people to help you right away.

Call an Emergency Tree Removal Service

After a storm, if you suspect that anything like this might happen or has happened already then call your nearest emergency tree removal service. Tree removal service helps in clearing the tree from your house and making it safe again. You can call Bromley tree services for expert help for peace of mind.

3 Signs Your Tree is Dying: How to Save It?

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Trees are a valuable treasure to any landscape. Not only they raise the aesthetics, but these towering trees also offer shade and shelter. Wildlife is dependent on the trees to a great extent. So, it will help if you care for your trees well.

If a tree doesn’t get adequate care, then it might die down. The changing colour of the leaves offers a hint to detect the exact condition of the tree. Sometimes the season is responsible for changing the leaf colour. Mostly, the trees get brown leaves when it’s about to die. The pests riddle the tree branches, which is also another reason for a dying tree. However, it’s tough to detect if a tree is in bad condition or it’s dying. If you are seeking the expert help, then speak to a specialised service provider offering tree care. It can be more dangerous if you have a weakening tree near a building. Here, you can find some signs that will make you understand the condition of your tree.

Abrupt Leaning

If your tree is leaning that does not mean it’s in bad health. Very few trees grow simply straight. However, if it’s suddenly leaning in a single direction continuously, then it’s the sign that you need to pay more attention to your tree. Improper weight distribution is one of the main reasons for a falling tree. It might eventually fall for significant root damage. If you find out any odds, then you must call a tree surgeon for urgent help.

Loose Bark

It will help if you regularly inspect your trees. Specifically, it will be best if you are more careful during the springtime. If a tree is dying, then you can identify it by checking its bark. The bark either loosens or falls. The bark falling is a sign that the tree is dying. But before making any conclusion, you have to check your tree correctly. Sometimes, a tree can crack or miss its bark. That is normal. If you are facing any trouble, then feel free to contact a specialist offering tree care.

Very Few Healthy Leaves

• Lacking lush green tree leaves certainly signals towards the lousy health of your tree.
• Even after taking good care of the tree if you are left with dead leaves, then it means it’s dying.
• If the leaves are dead in winter after cleaning instead of falling to the ground, that means it’s in bad condition or about to fall.

If any of the signs, as mentioned above, are visible, get in touch with a tree care expert at the earliest and save it from dying.