Tree Trimming Guide: What You Need to Know


To ensure the trees in your garden are in healthy shape, trimming is an essential task. Tree cutting can contribute to the health and appearance of the trees. Make sure to have all the knowledge about the tree trimming. Here is a guide for what all you need to know.

Tips for Trimming Tree

Please choose the right season:

It is often considered that the dormant seasons are the best time to indulge in the process of trimming the tree.

Size of the Brach:

Make sure you are well aware of the size of the branch you are trying to remove. If the diameter is less than 5 centimetre, it is fine to remove the branch. However, if it 10 centimetres or more than that do not engage in the process of trimming.

Weak Branches:

Go for trimming only the branches which are soft, V-shaped and have narrow angles. Do not go for the branches which are healthy and u-shaped.

Reasons why Tree Trimming is Required


Tree trimming necessarily contributes to maintaining the shape and aesthetics surrounding the tree. It can add to creating beautiful surrounding. Make sure not to impose unnatural shape or sizes on the trees.


In many instances, dead and broken branches are significant causes of small accidents. These branches contribute to a safety hazard.


Other than safety and aesthetics tree trimming is an essential attribute for saving the tree from any form of infection. Trimming can help in the airflow.

What are the Techniques of Trimming You Can Employ?

• Make sure to look for the branch collar before trimming the tree. It must grow from the stem tissue and locate at the lower base of the branch. Find the branch ridge. The branch ridge can be found on the upper surface.

• Make sure to cut the outside of the branch ridge without injuring the branch collar.

• The same techniques can be used to trim the dead branches.

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