Looking For Tree Surgeons In Bromley? 4 Tips To Save Money

tree surgeon in Bromley

Overgrown trees are one of the most common issues people in Bromley have to deal with almost throughout the year. If you are willing to enhance the health, appearance and safety of the trees in your garden, start looking for experienced tree surgeons. They know how to remove the damaged and dead limbs without harming the tree. They prune and trim trees at fixed intervals to prevent them from shedding excess leaves.

It is easier for trees to retain their natural-looking appearance if they get the care they need. Make sure you hire tree surgeons at the right time if you don’t want overgrown trees to damage the foundation of your property.

Few Tips To Save Money When Hiring Tree Surgeons In Bromley

Hire Someone Experienced

Some people think that they can save money by trying a DIY approach. If you are one of them, it’s time to rethink and start looking for experienced tree surgeons. They have the expertise and tools required to undertake complicated tree pruning projects. They consider many things to make the tree chopping process hassle-free. Cutting trees without the right tools and experience will not only compromise your safety but it might also become expensive for you in the long run.

Know The Cost

Just hiring a tree surgeon offering pruning or tree cutting services at the lowest price isn’t sufficient. Similarly, hiring one quoting a high price isn’t an assurance of high-quality services. The cost of tree removal is dependent on numerous factors like the type and height of the tree you want to get rid of. Discuss your needs with tree surgeons in Bromley and hire one offering services at competitive prices.

Ask Them Questions

You can assure that you have hired the right tree surgeon if you know the right questions you should ask them before hiring. Give them a call to schedule an initial consultation. Ask them what will happen to the tree and the stump after they cut them. A majority of the surgeons take away the tree and ground the stump. They will also quote a price depending on the type of tree service you are looking for. If you have a tight budget, do a bit of negotiation during the initial consultation.

Compare Prices

Since there are numerous tree surgeons scattered all over Bromley, choosing just one often becomes a daunting task. The best you can do is to shortlist a few and give them a call. Gather quotes from them and choose one offering their service at competitive prices. The easiest way to check the reputation of the tree surgeon is by asking for references from previous clients.

These being said, it’s time you follow the tips stated above and saving money when hiring tree surgeons will become easier.

Essential Transplantation Stages You Need to Know About


Taking care of plants and maintaining a garden or a lawn is a work of art. A fair amount of work goes into growing tender seedlings into desirable plants as the process requires a fair bit of information and experience. It is not suited to everyone, which is why most people trust professional garden services in Croydon to do the job. Three primary stages of transplantation are discussed below

Phase 1:

fresh, small seedlings are kept in a closed environment like inside the house or a small nursery so that the external factors could be controlled and growth can be monitored. These seedlings can’t be placed outside in the lawn as factors like harsh sunlight, strong winds or weathered soil can kill the tender plants.

Phase 2:

once the plants are big enough, the soil has to be prepared. The spot has to be chosen keeping factors like heat, water and light in mind. The flower bed has to be ready, and the soil should be enhanced with compost or liquid fertilizers to boost the growth of the plant.

Phase 3:

after the spot is ready, the transplant takes place. Special care has to be taken to remove the plant gently from the pot without harming the roots and placing it at the right depth in a hole that is of the right size to ensure the best growth.

Important considerations while transplanting

• Young plants must be handled with utmost care. They are very sensitive and tend to get overwhelmed if not handled gently. One should be very cautious while moving them. Always be careful about not touching them in the neck as this is the most fragile part and prone to damage the most.

• Water them properly as the damp roots tend to remain healthy.

• As the plants are put in the ground, make sure that the hole is deep and wide to accommodate the root system well. There should be enough space underground to ensure that the root system can move undisturbed as the plant grows. They should not be put too deep as well as that might lead to rotting of the roots. Tuck the soil around the roots so that they always remain in close contact with the earthy elements.

• The first few days are crucial to the well-being of the plant. Health checks should be done at regular intervals. Check the dryness level of the soil till a few inches. These measures will ease out the transition of the transplant.

• Mulch well to keep up the moisture and prevent the growth of weeds.

The technicalities play a significant role in how the plant turns out in the end. If you would like to ensure that your garden is full of beautiful and healthy plants, you can trust one of the best companies offering garden services in Croydon, Manor Gardens, to take care of it. The quality of services is not to be doubted, considering the years of experience the company carries.

How to Prevent Yourself from Damaging the Roots of Your Trees?


The root system of a tree spreads in various ways based on the size and age of the tree. They either remain underground or visibly on the ground surface. They are the most crucial part of a tree to help it gain stability and reach out to water and nourishment to survive and grow well. Now, often, unconsciously while nurturing the tree you forget taking care of the root system and cause harm to the tree. Here are a few important tips for tree care in Bromley and avoid any damage to the roots of a tree.

Things to keep in mind to help the root system remain in good condition

Prevent damage to the root while planting the tree

If the trees are planted close to one another or buildings, sidewalks, foundation of your home, then the roots often come to the surface. Even if the tree is not planted deep underground, then the roots tend to go to the surface. In case, the roots have already surfaced, be careful to trim and mow them properly at regular intervals. It is also vital to mulch around and in between the exposed roots to ensure that they remain healthy and safe. So, the planting part is crucial. If you have planted it well, the tree will stay healthy for a long time with reasonable care.

Be careful about the length and breadth of the root system of a tree

The root system must remain within two feet depth in the soil. At times the roots run to the outer edge of the crown of the tree known as dripline. Thus, they soak up water, which eventually drips from the leaves of the tree. To check if the tree has been planted into the right depth, you need to examine whether the base of the tree from where the roots spread out is visible or not. This also offers a hint on the health of the entire root system.

Common planting tips

There are specific rules about growing a tree. It is considered that a tree which is taller and larger grows the most. Even experts follow these rules. A small tree ranges to 20 feet height, whereas, the medium and larger ones grow to about 40 feet and more. There should be some distance to maintain from the structures nearby as a tree is planted. It should be at least 2 feet for small ones and a minimum of 10 feet for the larger varieties.

Getting the help of an Arborist in growing a tree

If you want your trees to have the least damage, then it is vital to seek the support of an experienced and expert service provider for tree care in Bromley. They offer you with the professional backing to take adequate care of your tree, prevent all sorts of damages, and help it grow properly. Manor Garden is a trusted name in the field. Get in touch with them if you are looking for professional tree care services.

How to Ensure Hiring the Right Tree Surgeon for Your Garden?

garden maintenance

Having heavy and untidy tree branches hanging over the building is not uncommon. They create a risk of falling and cracking the roof of your home or of the neighbours. It leads to serious damages. To avoid this, you need to cut and trim the limbs away and this is where hiring a tree surgeon comes in. These are the professionals with proper qualifications to perform the job of tree maintenance. They are pro in tree care and other arboricultural services. There is no comparison of such tree care service providers in the market. Here are some effective tips to find the right surgeon for your yard.

Homework –

This is the key thing that you need to do. Talk to your acquaintances who have already hired such a veteran for tree care. You may ask them for a referral of the companies that they have dealt with. A satisfied previous customer will love to recommend you the surgeon. To find the right expert, you can also search online or on local directories. There you will get a comprehensive list of tree surgeons in your area. Shortlist them as possible and go ahead accordingly.

Qualification –

It is a must to check on the qualifications of the surgeon. This guarantees that the services the professional is going to provide have met the required standards. You must check if the company has an essential licence to operate in your area. This ensures that they have met all the legal criteria required by the state. Now check on the experience and training that the arborists have. Experiences guarantee that the staff have developed skills. They have the knowledge to do the jobs in an excellent manner. Experiences also guarantee that they can deal with any situation coming across. The company should have needed insurance as well. Insurance is required to protect you and the staff in case of an accident or damages that occur during the course of action.

Safety policy and equipment –

It is necessary to ask and learn about what equipment the tree surgeon Croydon is going to use. Are they equipped with the tools to handle the issues your trees are having? Do they use the right safety gears while working? What do they say about their safety policy? Knowing all these assures that your job is likely to be well done while maintaining safety standards.

Written estimate –

Now it comes to getting a written quote estimating the expected cost of the operation. Some companies may ask to visit their clients’ places to know what actually needs to be done. And accordingly, they quote the price. Without a written quote, you shouldn’t move on. Otherwise, you may end up being charged extra costs and that will make your budget high.

As it comes to hiring a tree surgeon, you need to take care of a few things. Do your homework beforehand to ensure hiring the right professional. Ask them about the qualification, training, and experience the workers have. Don’t forget to ask about the equipment they use. Get a written estimate. Also, know about their safety policy.