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Everybody is searching for the perfect garden and backyard for their house. Adding beautiful green elements to your garden may not be as simple as it seems. Trees require adequate care and nurturing.

Never forget to water a tree

Be it a freshly-planted tree or a mature tree, and every plant needs proper watering to grow. So you must remember to monitor and regulate the water received by your trees at all times. For a new plant, it is advisable to water generously. This helps the soil accumulate and settle at the base of the tree. Consequently, this leads to good tree health as the growing plant can derive nutrients and water from the soil.

Usually, young trees must receive around 25 gallons of water weekly. In case there is not enough rainfall, you must use alternate watering sources. So, you must closely monitor the water content received by a freshly-planted tree in its first six months. For a full-grown tree, monthly watering should suffice. Techniques to prevent soil erosion and water runoff must also be undertaken for proper tree care.

Mulching is an essential step of caring for a tree

People often forget the importance of mulching for the health of a tree. It inhibits the growth of unwanted weeds and grass. Further, it helps the soil to retain water and keeps your tree roots moist.You must be careful about the quantity of mulch you use for your trees. Over-mulching can cause more harm than good. The materials you can use for mulching include:

• Wood chips
• Shredded bark
• Leaf compost

Pruning is vital

Pruning refers to snipping away dead or diseased sections of the tree. It must be done at regular intervals as a good tree care measure. It is imperative to use sanitized tools to ensure safe pruning. It will help if you cut off any branches or twigs that have grown at an unhealthy angle for the tree. Any new shoots near the base of the tree must also be pruned.

Although pruning can be undertaken at any time of the year, different seasons have different appropriate pruning times. In summer, pruning must be carried out only after the significant growing season is over. For winter, pruning is advisable after the bitterest cold comes to an end. Further, it is inadvisable to prune during Autumn if you want to avoid fungal infections for your tree. Usually, pole saws can be used for taller branches. For lower and thinner branches, usual low-scale pruning tools can suffice.

All these tree care techniques ensure that your favourite trees have a long and healthy life. So, if you want to ensure that your garden continues to look picture-perfect, you must choose professional tree maintenance services. Manor Gardens provides excellent tree maintenance and care services for all types of plants and trees.