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There is always a branch or two with no leaves or new buds on them. These are called deadwood. But we often make the mistake of overlooking them and not taking the necessary action.

If you are wondering if leaving deadwood behind makes any difference, the answer is yes, it does

1. Safety and Maintenance of Your Property

Deadwood will not stay on the tree forever. At some point, it will fall off. And when it does, it will fall either on the carefully manicured lawn of your garden or if the tree is close enough to your house, then on the roof or terrace. Either way, it is not convenient.

So, it is best to chop off deadwood before it can cause any harm. Bromley tree services are readily available to do the needful for you.

2. Health and Welfare of the Tree

Sometimes, the reason behind deadwood is nothing but the natural process of ageing. Still, most of the time, insects, diseases, or other problems are the causes behind deadwood. If there is an infection or infestation in deadwood, the sooner you remove it, the quicker it will be revealed.

Keeping the deadwood on will force the ailment to fester in silence without any exposure or treatment. If deadly enough, it can even cause the death of your tree.

Whenever you notice a bit of deadwood on any tree in your garden, consult a professional. The experts know about trees and tree care like the back of their hands, and you can trust them with your garden with both eyes closed.

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