tree surgeon in Bromley

Trees are a valuable treasure to any landscape. Not only they raise the aesthetics, but these towering trees also offer shade and shelter. Wildlife is dependent on the trees to a great extent. So, it will help if you care for your trees well.

If a tree doesn’t get adequate care, then it might die down. The changing colour of the leaves offers a hint to detect the exact condition of the tree. Sometimes the season is responsible for changing the leaf colour. Mostly, the trees get brown leaves when it’s about to die. The pests riddle the tree branches, which is also another reason for a dying tree. However, it’s tough to detect if a tree is in bad condition or it’s dying. If you are seeking the expert help, then speak to a specialised service provider offering tree care. It can be more dangerous if you have a weakening tree near a building. Here, you can find some signs that will make you understand the condition of your tree.

Abrupt Leaning

If your tree is leaning that does not mean it’s in bad health. Very few trees grow simply straight. However, if it’s suddenly leaning in a single direction continuously, then it’s the sign that you need to pay more attention to your tree. Improper weight distribution is one of the main reasons for a falling tree. It might eventually fall for significant root damage. If you find out any odds, then you must call a tree surgeon for urgent help.

Loose Bark

It will help if you regularly inspect your trees. Specifically, it will be best if you are more careful during the springtime. If a tree is dying, then you can identify it by checking its bark. The bark either loosens or falls. The bark falling is a sign that the tree is dying. But before making any conclusion, you have to check your tree correctly. Sometimes, a tree can crack or miss its bark. That is normal. If you are facing any trouble, then feel free to contact a specialist offering tree care.

Very Few Healthy Leaves

• Lacking lush green tree leaves certainly signals towards the lousy health of your tree.
• Even after taking good care of the tree if you are left with dead leaves, then it means it’s dying.
• If the leaves are dead in winter after cleaning instead of falling to the ground, that means it’s in bad condition or about to fall.

If any of the signs, as mentioned above, are visible, get in touch with a tree care expert at the earliest and save it from dying.