Steps Taken by Tree Surgeons in Croydon to Protect a Rain-Damaged Tree

Tree Surgeons in Croydon

Rainy weather is one of the most challenging times for the trees in your garden. The tree may face acute weather conditions such as heavy rain and storms during this season. These can be hazardous to the structural integrity of the trees. Days of rain can wash off the topsoil surface, affecting the roots.

How to Recover a Rain or Storm Damaged Tree

As the owner of a garden, assessment of the tree’s condition is very important during this season. You should regularly check the condition of the tree trunks, roots and branches. If you feel the damage is severe, you should take the assistance of good tree surgeons in Croydon.

In this blog, you get more insights about recovering a storm-affected tree with the able assistance of professionals.

Assessment of Damage

Assessment of damage in a tree is a primary task performed by tree surgeons. Rain and storm effects can vary according to the structural integrity and plant size. An arborist observes these damages to find an effective solution. They notice the things mentioned below:

  • The health of the tree, barring the rain or storm-affected portion
  • The condition of the leader, which is the main upward moving branch in a large tree
  • The situation of the crown of the tree. If it has sustained more than 50% damage, the tree will be unable to produce more foliage.
  • If any remaining branches can form a new structure.
  • The size of the wounds inflicted on the tree bark and branches.

Techniques to Protect Rain Damage

After assessing the damage, the tree surgeons decide the necessary treatment. They adopt techniques that can prevent the aggravation of the injury. Some of these activities are discussed here:

  • Pruning: Pruning the tree is the most convenient solution if the branch or limbs of the trees are broken. With this technique, the damaged and hanging branches of the tree are removed. This will save the tree from further damage due to rain and storms.
  • Stump Grinding: The arborists perform this task when the tree trunk gets broken or uprooted. The tree stump may remain rooted in the ground, which is a potential cause for an accident. With specialised machinery, the tree surgeons get rid of the remaining stump.
  • Uprooting the Trees: This task is performed on large, severely damaged trees. In the case of a small tree, the tree surgeons in Croydon try to straighten it with the help of cables and ropes.

These are some ways that professional tree surgeons can protect storm-damaged trees. If you want to perform it with an expert source, you can consult with Manor Garden Tree Care

Reasons To Choose Manor Gardens For Tree Care

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One of the most significant reasons to hire a professional surgeon is to ensure that your garden stays vibrant and healthy all the time. You might want to cut the tree without killing it instantly. These experts have the right skill and tools to remove the damaged parts as per requirement. They also specialise in tree care and cutting, prolonging the life of the landscape.

Know why to select Manor Gardens

1. Experience and expertise

The professionals working here have in-depth knowledge about the soil quality, planting methods and much more. After understanding your garden requirements, they bring the latest equipment suitable to boost tree growth. They evaluate the ground condition, the direction of the sunray, gradients, fertiliser and moisture content so that the garden health remains at its best.

2. High-quality bespoke finish

Once your garden area is under the supervision of an expert, they execute high standards of work. They will help you accomplish desired gardens with healthy trees. Their range of services include –

• Tree thinning
• Planting and aftercare
• Tree stump removal
• Managing hedgerow
• Veteran tree care

3. Long term care

They will plan the management and maintenance of your garden, keeping in mind the long term benefits. They consult you to get a precise idea about your future gardening ideas.

4. Cost-effective

They plan their activities with greater focus and efficiency. Be it mowing the lawn, pruning the dead branches or watering the plants; they are dedicated to every job.

5. Efficient customer service

While successfully adapting to every changing trend, manor gardens promise high customer support services. They address all your queries and also react to emergencies. The members are trustworthy and their client’s satisfaction is most important to them.

At Manor Gardens Tree Care, we provide for both domestic and commercial contracting projects. The members are NTPC qualified arborists promising high standards of tree management and cutting solutions. They are also committed to meeting every client’s needs.

What Makes Winter the Ideal Season for Tree Cutting

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Most gardening activities come to a halt in the winters. But this is the best time for tree cutting. Most trees should be trimmed and pruned at this time for the best results. Apart from trees that bear flowers and fruits in early spring, other trees can be taken care of. This is because early bloomers already develop buds in the winter, which shouldn’t be disturbed. Here is a list of reasons why you should get your trees trimmed in winter:

• Trees are dormant and inactive during this time. As soon as shedding starts and the cold settles in, trees become dormant. Transpiration and photosynthesis are at the bare minimum, and no significant growth and development occur. This is why you wouldn’t be interfering or obstructing much when you cut down some branches.

• Trees are not the only things dormant in the winter. Insects, bugs, bacteria, and fungi also seem to disappear as the cold is harsh on them. These are the main culprits for the spreading of diseases. When we trim trees, the open wound is prone to infection. This is the best time to minimize the risk of infection to ensure a healthy tree.

• It is easier to do the job. Since almost all the trees are bare, the branches are visible. You can spot dry, dead, and diseased branches quickly and remove them. Maintaining structural integrity is also easier since you visualize the overall structure at a glance and work accordingly. Without any obstruction, the job becomes easier.

• It prepares the trees for the upcoming season. Doing it in the winters will ensure that your trees are prepped for the upcoming growing season. The trees will get enough dry time to heal, and with unnecessary branches out of the way, the tree will have vigorous growth.

If you decide to go for tree cutting in the winters, you needn’t do it yourself. It is a job best suited to professionals. Choose a trusted company like Manor Gardens Tree Care that will do the job with expertise.

6 Brilliant Ideas to Design Your Front Garden

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A front garden has lost out to the more secluded and private back garden when it comes to décor and designing. Homeowners prefer to have a low maintenance front garden or turn it into a parking space.

With little money, effort, and creativity, the front of the house can also turn into a beautiful patch of greenery. Here you will find out how.

Before starting, if your front garden has trees you wish to be trimmed or treated, get in touch with a tree surgeon to do the maintenance for you.

1. Utility Plus Aesthetics

Just because you are designing a garden does not mean you have to give up on the functionality of it. You can easily have a driveway along with a garden on two sides. You can keep the driveway authentic red laterite or cover it up with pebbles.

Plants like Creeping Thyme or Bigfoot Geranium are perfect for a low maintenance driveway garden.

2. Neatly Maintained Hedges

Hedges are a go-to option for front garden aesthetics. They require minimal maintenance and can make any front garden look ten times better. Some of the better plant options that make a great hedge are yew, beech, and box.

Suppose you like flowers in your hedges, hawthorn or snowball bushes are ideal. Unless you live in hilly regions, avoid coniferous trees. They can get out of hand, and cleaning up fallouts becomes troublesome.

3. Flower Bush Arrangement

Who doesn’t love flowers in their garden? But you do not necessarily have to settle for the good old rose bushes or dahlias. You can go offbeat and unique with flower bushes for landscaping the front of the garden. Some of them are –

• Cavatine or Lily-of-the-Valley
• Rhododendron
• Hydrangea
• Chrysanthemum
• Potentilla
• Lilac
• Butterfly Bush

4. Hardwood Trees

Trees can be the central attraction of your front garden.

Magnolia, flowering dogwood, maple, myrtle, tulips, cherry, etc. all these are great trees to plant in your front garden. But you have to make sure that you regularly trim the branches and maintain the tree. Otherwise, its growth can be a problem, and it would affect the look of the garden, and also cause a space issue.

Manor Gardens Tree Care is a trusted name in Croydon and surrounding areas whom you can hire to take care of your trees. Whether you need a dead trunk removed or an ailing tree revived, the expert tree surgeons of Manor Gardens will have it covered for you at very competitive prices.

To know more about tree care visit:


How to Make Your Garden Allergy-Free?

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Gardening is a pleasing experience; there’s nothing better than having a little garden. Though sometimes it may be stressful if you have seasonal allergies like pollen intolerance. With applying some simple methods, you can easily make your garden allergy-free. These following tricks can change your gardening experience:

Remove High-pollen Plants

Pollination is the biggest reason to have an allergy. Wind pollination requires an extended amount of light pollen. To create an allergy-free garden, you need to reduce high-pollen plants. If you have many high-pollen plants, it is better to change their location.

Plant Female Trees

Planting more female trees can reduce your allergy rate. Most pollen comes from male plants, but not all male plants produce high pollen. It will help if you do some research before choosing the right plant to make your garden allergy-free.

Reduce Weeds

Weeds are so irritating for gardening. If you are having something like asthma, it could be even worse. However, you would be able to remove weeds from your garden altogether, but with some tree care tricks, you will be able to reduce their growth. You can also ask an expert for weed reduction.

Plant Allergy-Free Trees

Planting allergy-free trees could be the best choice for your garden. There are many allergy-free alternatives plants such as Hydrangea, Hibiscus, Daisy and Pansy available for your garden; you can also pick some tree Plum, Apple and Cherry for your allergy-free garden.

Regularly Clean Up Your Garden

Cleaning up your garden regularly is essential. Most of the time, uncertain garden waste causes some allergic symptoms. To make your garden more allergy-free, you need to do a routine clean up.

Wear Suitable Clothes While Gardening

While garden, you need to be careful about clothing choice. You cannot avoid pollen, mould and dirt when you are taking care of your garden. Wear a long-sleeved shirt, gloves, dust mask to protect your skin from harmful allergens.

Choose Manor Gardens Tree Care as a leading tree care company. They will provide you with the best tree maintenance service for sure.

A comprehensive guide on how to take proper care of your garden trees

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Everybody is searching for the perfect garden and backyard for their house. Adding beautiful green elements to your garden may not be as simple as it seems. Trees require adequate care and nurturing.

Never forget to water a tree

Be it a freshly-planted tree or a mature tree, and every plant needs proper watering to grow. So you must remember to monitor and regulate the water received by your trees at all times. For a new plant, it is advisable to water generously. This helps the soil accumulate and settle at the base of the tree. Consequently, this leads to good tree health as the growing plant can derive nutrients and water from the soil.

Usually, young trees must receive around 25 gallons of water weekly. In case there is not enough rainfall, you must use alternate watering sources. So, you must closely monitor the water content received by a freshly-planted tree in its first six months. For a full-grown tree, monthly watering should suffice. Techniques to prevent soil erosion and water runoff must also be undertaken for proper tree care.

Mulching is an essential step of caring for a tree

People often forget the importance of mulching for the health of a tree. It inhibits the growth of unwanted weeds and grass. Further, it helps the soil to retain water and keeps your tree roots moist.You must be careful about the quantity of mulch you use for your trees. Over-mulching can cause more harm than good. The materials you can use for mulching include:

• Wood chips
• Shredded bark
• Leaf compost

Pruning is vital

Pruning refers to snipping away dead or diseased sections of the tree. It must be done at regular intervals as a good tree care measure. It is imperative to use sanitized tools to ensure safe pruning. It will help if you cut off any branches or twigs that have grown at an unhealthy angle for the tree. Any new shoots near the base of the tree must also be pruned.

Although pruning can be undertaken at any time of the year, different seasons have different appropriate pruning times. In summer, pruning must be carried out only after the significant growing season is over. For winter, pruning is advisable after the bitterest cold comes to an end. Further, it is inadvisable to prune during Autumn if you want to avoid fungal infections for your tree. Usually, pole saws can be used for taller branches. For lower and thinner branches, usual low-scale pruning tools can suffice.

All these tree care techniques ensure that your favourite trees have a long and healthy life. So, if you want to ensure that your garden continues to look picture-perfect, you must choose professional tree maintenance services. Manor Gardens provides excellent tree maintenance and care services for all types of plants and trees.

3 Signs Your Tree is Dying: How to Save It?

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Trees are a valuable treasure to any landscape. Not only they raise the aesthetics, but these towering trees also offer shade and shelter. Wildlife is dependent on the trees to a great extent. So, it will help if you care for your trees well.

If a tree doesn’t get adequate care, then it might die down. The changing colour of the leaves offers a hint to detect the exact condition of the tree. Sometimes the season is responsible for changing the leaf colour. Mostly, the trees get brown leaves when it’s about to die. The pests riddle the tree branches, which is also another reason for a dying tree. However, it’s tough to detect if a tree is in bad condition or it’s dying. If you are seeking the expert help, then speak to a specialised service provider offering tree care. It can be more dangerous if you have a weakening tree near a building. Here, you can find some signs that will make you understand the condition of your tree.

Abrupt Leaning

If your tree is leaning that does not mean it’s in bad health. Very few trees grow simply straight. However, if it’s suddenly leaning in a single direction continuously, then it’s the sign that you need to pay more attention to your tree. Improper weight distribution is one of the main reasons for a falling tree. It might eventually fall for significant root damage. If you find out any odds, then you must call a tree surgeon for urgent help.

Loose Bark

It will help if you regularly inspect your trees. Specifically, it will be best if you are more careful during the springtime. If a tree is dying, then you can identify it by checking its bark. The bark either loosens or falls. The bark falling is a sign that the tree is dying. But before making any conclusion, you have to check your tree correctly. Sometimes, a tree can crack or miss its bark. That is normal. If you are facing any trouble, then feel free to contact a specialist offering tree care.

Very Few Healthy Leaves

• Lacking lush green tree leaves certainly signals towards the lousy health of your tree.
• Even after taking good care of the tree if you are left with dead leaves, then it means it’s dying.
• If the leaves are dead in winter after cleaning instead of falling to the ground, that means it’s in bad condition or about to fall.

If any of the signs, as mentioned above, are visible, get in touch with a tree care expert at the earliest and save it from dying.

How to Prevent Yourself from Damaging the Roots of Your Trees?


The root system of a tree spreads in various ways based on the size and age of the tree. They either remain underground or visibly on the ground surface. They are the most crucial part of a tree to help it gain stability and reach out to water and nourishment to survive and grow well. Now, often, unconsciously while nurturing the tree you forget taking care of the root system and cause harm to the tree. Here are a few important tips for tree care in Bromley and avoid any damage to the roots of a tree.

Things to keep in mind to help the root system remain in good condition

Prevent damage to the root while planting the tree

If the trees are planted close to one another or buildings, sidewalks, foundation of your home, then the roots often come to the surface. Even if the tree is not planted deep underground, then the roots tend to go to the surface. In case, the roots have already surfaced, be careful to trim and mow them properly at regular intervals. It is also vital to mulch around and in between the exposed roots to ensure that they remain healthy and safe. So, the planting part is crucial. If you have planted it well, the tree will stay healthy for a long time with reasonable care.

Be careful about the length and breadth of the root system of a tree

The root system must remain within two feet depth in the soil. At times the roots run to the outer edge of the crown of the tree known as dripline. Thus, they soak up water, which eventually drips from the leaves of the tree. To check if the tree has been planted into the right depth, you need to examine whether the base of the tree from where the roots spread out is visible or not. This also offers a hint on the health of the entire root system.

Common planting tips

There are specific rules about growing a tree. It is considered that a tree which is taller and larger grows the most. Even experts follow these rules. A small tree ranges to 20 feet height, whereas, the medium and larger ones grow to about 40 feet and more. There should be some distance to maintain from the structures nearby as a tree is planted. It should be at least 2 feet for small ones and a minimum of 10 feet for the larger varieties.

Getting the help of an Arborist in growing a tree

If you want your trees to have the least damage, then it is vital to seek the support of an experienced and expert service provider for tree care in Bromley. They offer you with the professional backing to take adequate care of your tree, prevent all sorts of damages, and help it grow properly. Manor Garden is a trusted name in the field. Get in touch with them if you are looking for professional tree care services.