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A thunderstorm can be one of the reasons for tree damage or falling. Sometimes harsh wind can also uproot trees from within the soil. Trees falling on your home during a storm is very dangerous. To remove any tree from your house or property, you can call Bromley tree services for help. As a damaged tree is quite hazardous, this will need to be handled by the professionals who can carry out removal and tree services in a safe manner. Here are a few pointers you must take into consideration to make the entire process of tree removal easier, smoother and safe.

Keep Your Calm

In those moments of difficulty, you should always keep your calm. However, if anything like this ever happens, leave the house carefully as soon as possible. Make sure all the family members and your pets are safe while you make your way out of your home. Wait until any professional service comes to help as trees can cause significant structural damages to your house.

Dial 999

In case any of the electrical lines are involved call 999 immediately. Trees falling on electrical wires can cause severe fire break-out, so to avoid that you must always call the emergency helpline number 999. Turn off the power of the entire home if possible, as it may protect you from a potential fire break-out.

Shut the Gas Lines Off

Sometimes an uprooted tree can cause gas leakage as the gas lines are usually under the ground. Possible gas leakage can also lead to a fire break-out. Call your gas line service provider so that they can confirm there is any possibility of a gas leak or send people to help you right away.

Call an Emergency Tree Removal Service

After a storm, if you suspect that anything like this might happen or has happened already then call your nearest emergency tree removal service. Tree removal service helps in clearing the tree from your house and making it safe again. You can call Bromley tree services for expert help for peace of mind.