Tree Care in Croydon and Tips To Make Your Trees Look Stunning Throughout Summer

tree care in croydon

Every homeowner knows that trees are a vital aspect and focal point in every landscape. If you are undertaking some home maintenance tasks, ensure that your property has a well-maintained yard. It will make your garden look beautiful whilst being very inviting and attracting all sorts of nature and wildlife. Trees also contribute to the environment by improving air quality, providing oxygen and preserving soil.

If you notice a damaged or diseased tree, get in touch with a tree surgeon. Look for someone with years of experience in the industry as they know the importance of stunning exterior space. Manor Gardens Tree Care in Croydon has fully insured, and NPTC qualified tree surgeons. Your landscape will look happy and healthy throughout summer if your garden gets sufficient tree care. It is the perfect season for tree trimming, pest inspections and watering.

Few Easy Tree Care Tips For Summer

  • Mulching

It is never too late to mulch your trees. Mulching is an integral part of tree care as it helps in stabilising soil temperature, weedy competition and protects soil moisture. You can use shredded hardwood mulch for mature trees in summer. Tree surgeons use the correct mulching technique so the mulch forms a doughnut shape at the tree’s base.


  • Irrigation

Watering trees become more necessary during the dry and warm summer. Whether you have a mature tree or a recently planted one, make sure it gets sufficient irrigation. On average, a tree needs around one inch of water every week. You have to water the plants regularly whilst also understanding the correct watering technique. Tree surgeons always use less frequent deepwater applications when watering the plants in your garden, encouraging better root growth.


  • Fertilisation

Using fertilisers is as essential as watering the plants in summer. It is the responsibility of the tree surgeon to ensure that all the trees get sufficient nourishment necessary for the development of shoot or support leaves, prevent diseases and keep away insects. The fertilisation needs of trees growing in high-stress areas like suburban or urban environments are always more. These trees need more fertilisers and tree care in Croydon than those growing in natural areas.


  • Pruning

Tree pruning is science. Unless you have years of experience in tree care, it’s best to get a professional. The best time for tree pruning is during the dormant season. Summertime tree pruning is necessary for some trees, especially those that flower in the spring. Few of the common trees are lilacs, flowering cherries and magnolias. You might identify dead, diseased or damaged branches any time of the year, and you have to prune out the trees to make them healthy.

Time to follow the tips stated above and contact the tree surgeons at Manor Gardens for Tree Care in Croydon if you want your trees to look stunning throughout summer.

Tree Services Offered By Surgeons at Manor Gardens Tree Care

Manor Gardens Tree Care

If you ever notice that a tree in your garden is continuously losing its leaves and branches, get in touch with experienced tree surgeons. They will assess the trees’ condition and let you know whether they need trimming services or you have to remove them. The majority of them specialises in both residential and commercial tree services. You can hire their tree surgeons to deal with the damaged or diseased trees in your garden.

Manor Gardens Tree Care is highly reliable being a family run business. They carry out work to the highest industry standard so you can have complete peace of mind. They also offer various types of tree services, so you can choose one according to your needs. Their accredited tree surgeons have the required knowledge and expertise. Being fully insured and NPTC qualified, they can provide all their services at competitive rates.

4 Common Tree Services Offered By Tree Surgeons In Bromley

Tree Care

Professional tree care services help in ensuring your trees’ health. If trimmed properly, they will look healthy throughout the year. After a violent storm, the trees in your garden need maintenance services and assistance. Tree surgeons at Manor Gardens Tree Care can provide exceptional services, from the initial consultation to clearing the site after completing their job. They have NTPC qualified arborists providing all-inclusive tree maintenance and care services. With a focus on maintaining the reputation earned by them over the years, they offer the highest tree care level.

Tree Removal

Since a dead tree gradually loses its strength, removing it is a wise decision. A weak tree is incapable of withstanding the assault of storms or extra weight. Its branches can break off due to snow, ice, hail or winds. Only a licensed tree surgeon knows which branches should be removed so that the tree falls at the right angle. Healthy trees might develop a disease or die if it is not maintained properly.

Tree Planting

As trees are responsible for contributing to the environment, it is your responsibility to plant more trees on your property. Not only will they provide oxygen but also support wildlife, conserve water, preserve soil, improve air quality, and help in climate amelioration. The more trees you plant, it will be easier to maintain healthy soils and humidity levels in the air. You can hire tree surgeons from Manor Gardens Tree Care for tree planting, and you can be assured that they will carry out the work to the highest level of proficiency. They aim at providing complete customer satisfaction.

Hedgerow Management

Hedgerows provide food and shelter to many species. Since they are vital components of the agri-ecosystem, it is advisable that you hire certified tree surgeons for professional hedgerow management services. They will help you control insect pests. The right technique is followed when cutting the hedgerow, so there is more land available for planting trees. Trimming them at fixed intervals also keep them thick and bushy.

Since you are now aware of the common tree care services, it’s time you get in touch with the tree surgeons at Manor garden to assess the condition of the trees on your property. Their diligent team of experts will devise a strategy that’s right for your garden.

Things To Look For In Tree Care Specialists


If you need specialised tree care services, look for a reputable company that has made a name in the industry by delivering domestic and commercial tree care services. Manor Garden Tree Care has experience in providing tree care and top-quality maintenance services.

Manor Gardens Tree Care are fully committed to work in compliance with the recommended standards in tree work.

Need Tree Care Specialists? 3 Points To Consider

Portfolio And Customer Reviews

You will have better peace of mind if the tree care specialist you are hiring has a strong and diverse portfolio. It is a reflection of their company’s success and superiority. You can expect them to provide personalised services. It is also easier to trust tree care specialists with amazing ratings and reviews from their previous clients. You can check various social media platforms to know more about the company you are approached for tree care services.

Licensed And Insured

Since tree care involves a lot of risks and uncertainties, look for someone who is fully licensed and insured. The company offering tree care services should provide appropriate insurance coverage. It is their responsibility to cover any damage which might take place on your property in the event of an accident. Feel free to call them if you want to verify that the policy is current and carries enough coverage for your project.


Since everyone offering tree care services will claim to be the best in the industry, it is your responsibility to ensure that the one you are hiring is reputable. Instead of choosing a random company, research their reputation in your community. A company with numerous satisfied customers will always try their level best to maintain the reputation earned by them over the years.

Time to get in touch with Manor Gardens Tree Care and consider the points stated above when hiring tree care specialists.

Reasons To Choose Manor Gardens For Tree Care

manor-gardens tree care

One of the most significant reasons to hire a professional surgeon is to ensure that your garden stays vibrant and healthy all the time. You might want to cut the tree without killing it instantly. These experts have the right skill and tools to remove the damaged parts as per requirement. They also specialise in tree care and cutting, prolonging the life of the landscape.

Know why to select Manor Gardens

1. Experience and expertise

The professionals working here have in-depth knowledge about the soil quality, planting methods and much more. After understanding your garden requirements, they bring the latest equipment suitable to boost tree growth. They evaluate the ground condition, the direction of the sunray, gradients, fertiliser and moisture content so that the garden health remains at its best.

2. High-quality bespoke finish

Once your garden area is under the supervision of an expert, they execute high standards of work. They will help you accomplish desired gardens with healthy trees. Their range of services include –

• Tree thinning
• Planting and aftercare
• Tree stump removal
• Managing hedgerow
• Veteran tree care

3. Long term care

They will plan the management and maintenance of your garden, keeping in mind the long term benefits. They consult you to get a precise idea about your future gardening ideas.

4. Cost-effective

They plan their activities with greater focus and efficiency. Be it mowing the lawn, pruning the dead branches or watering the plants; they are dedicated to every job.

5. Efficient customer service

While successfully adapting to every changing trend, manor gardens promise high customer support services. They address all your queries and also react to emergencies. The members are trustworthy and their client’s satisfaction is most important to them.

At Manor Gardens Tree Care, we provide for both domestic and commercial contracting projects. The members are NTPC qualified arborists promising high standards of tree management and cutting solutions. They are also committed to meeting every client’s needs.

Benefits Offered By Professional Tree Services In Bromley


If you are looking for a company providing professional tree services, choose someone with years of industry presence. Though all companies offering the service in Bromley, it is your responsibility to ensure that they are indeed reliable and experienced. Look for one specialising in tree care services like Manor Gardens Tree Care. They can provide various services for residential and commercial properties.

3 Reasons To Choose Professional Tree Services In Bromley

Customised Services

With a focus on serving their customers better, the majority of companies offering professional tree services in Bromley tries to customise it. They understand the unique tree-care needs of their customers before customising their services. They serve both domestic and commercial sectors and can deal with projects of every size. Even their tree surgeons had turned their passion for arboriculture into exemplary tree care services. This makes it easier for them to customise their services.

NTPC Qualified Arborists

If you want to have complete peace of mind when hiring a tree surgeon for your domestic or commercial property, look for NTPC qualified arborists. Irrespective of the size of the project, they comply with the highest international standards of excellence. You can be assured of getting the most reliable services at affordable rates. They are both skilled and trained and are ready to go the extra mile to ensure efficient tree care service. You can find some of the well known NTPC qualified arborists at Manor Gardens Tree Care.

Good Customer Service

Since the focus of everyone at Manor Gardens Tree Care is on maintaining the reputation earned by them over the years, you can expect excellent customer service. They bring the highest level of workmanship, from your initial inquiry to the completion of the project, you will get efficient, reliable and professional services.

Since there are so many benefits of professional tree services, it’s time you get in touch with the arborists at Manor Gardens Tree Care.

Why Trust Manor Gardens For Tree Cutting And Tree Care


If you want to cut a damaged tree branch without killing the tree, make sure you hire an experienced tree surgeon for the task. They have the expertise, skills and tools required to remove broken or damaged branches. They specialise in tree cutting and tree care services so you can rest assured that they will take expert care of the trees in your garden.

Though there are numerous companies offering tree cutting services scattered all over the UK, it is always advisable to choose someone reputable, like Manor Gardens Tree Care. They have the best domestic and commercial contractors the tree care industry has to offer. Established in 1981.

2 Reasons Why Homeowners Prefer Manor Gardens For Tree Cutting Services

NTPC Qualified Arborists

You can have complete peace of mind if the one you are hiring for tree cutting services is an NTPC Qualified Arborist. Manor Gardens Tree Care values the reputation earned by them over the years and employs only skilled arborists who can complete your tree cutting project to the highest standards. You can get premium-quality services at competitive prices. Their quality of work is a reflection of their professionalism and are fully committed to meet your specific needs.

Superior Customer Service

Everyone approaching Manor Gardens Tree Care for tree cutting services can stay assured of getting excellent customer service. Their tree surgeons are widely preferred all over Bromley and surrounding areas as they customise their services to ensure 100% customer satisfaction. From initial inquiry to the completion of your project, they will be by your side and provide you with professional and efficient services as and when you need them. Not only do they carry out the work with utmost safety but can also offer expert gardening advice.

Since you now know what makes Manor Gardens one of the best companies for tree cutting services, it’s time you get in touch with their tree surgeons.

3 Common Tree Services Offered By Tree Surgeons In Bromley

tree surgeons in bromley

If there is a diseased or damaged tree in your garden, look for a tree surgeon who can provide professional tree care services. Often the term arborists and tree surgeons are used interchangeably but the services provided by them differ. If you need someone for safely felling, pruning or removal of trees then they are fully trained to undertake exceptionally difficult tree services. If you are planning to hire a tree surgeon to take care of the trees in your property, a few of the services you can choose from have been stated below.

Some Tree Services Provided By Professional Tree Surgeons

Tree Planting

Planting trees in your garden is not as easy as you think. Get in touch with a company offering professional tree planting service and you don’t have to worry about the trees developing problems. They can be an asset for both residential and commercial properties so you should select the right species for the planting site. The tree surgeon will consider the soil and sun condition at your location before choosing a suitable plant species.

Tree Thinning

If there is a tree in your garden which is continuously losing its branches and leaves, hire a tree surgeon for tree thinning services. They will shape the tree in such a way which will help to stop the shedding. They will also remove the fallen leaves and branches so that the surrounding area is clean. Don’t try to do-it-yourself unless you have the right tools to trim the trees efficiently.

Tree Removal

A very common service offered by tree surgeons is tree removal. If you ever feel that any of the trees in your garden have become diseased or damaged, hire someone experienced. They will carry out the task to the highest level of proficiency. Tree removal requires both time and effort. Your surgeon can even help you deal with emergency situations.

Since a tree surgeon can offer so many services, it’s time you get in touch with Manor Gardens Tree Care.

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What Makes Winter the Ideal Season for Tree Cutting

tree cutting manor gardens

Most gardening activities come to a halt in the winters. But this is the best time for tree cutting. Most trees should be trimmed and pruned at this time for the best results. Apart from trees that bear flowers and fruits in early spring, other trees can be taken care of. This is because early bloomers already develop buds in the winter, which shouldn’t be disturbed. Here is a list of reasons why you should get your trees trimmed in winter:

• Trees are dormant and inactive during this time. As soon as shedding starts and the cold settles in, trees become dormant. Transpiration and photosynthesis are at the bare minimum, and no significant growth and development occur. This is why you wouldn’t be interfering or obstructing much when you cut down some branches.

• Trees are not the only things dormant in the winter. Insects, bugs, bacteria, and fungi also seem to disappear as the cold is harsh on them. These are the main culprits for the spreading of diseases. When we trim trees, the open wound is prone to infection. This is the best time to minimize the risk of infection to ensure a healthy tree.

• It is easier to do the job. Since almost all the trees are bare, the branches are visible. You can spot dry, dead, and diseased branches quickly and remove them. Maintaining structural integrity is also easier since you visualize the overall structure at a glance and work accordingly. Without any obstruction, the job becomes easier.

• It prepares the trees for the upcoming season. Doing it in the winters will ensure that your trees are prepped for the upcoming growing season. The trees will get enough dry time to heal, and with unnecessary branches out of the way, the tree will have vigorous growth.

If you decide to go for tree cutting in the winters, you needn’t do it yourself. It is a job best suited to professionals. Choose a trusted company like Manor Gardens Tree Care that will do the job with expertise.

6 Brilliant Ideas to Design Your Front Garden

tree-care manor gardens

A front garden has lost out to the more secluded and private back garden when it comes to décor and designing. Homeowners prefer to have a low maintenance front garden or turn it into a parking space.

With little money, effort, and creativity, the front of the house can also turn into a beautiful patch of greenery. Here you will find out how.

Before starting, if your front garden has trees you wish to be trimmed or treated, get in touch with a tree surgeon to do the maintenance for you.

1. Utility Plus Aesthetics

Just because you are designing a garden does not mean you have to give up on the functionality of it. You can easily have a driveway along with a garden on two sides. You can keep the driveway authentic red laterite or cover it up with pebbles.

Plants like Creeping Thyme or Bigfoot Geranium are perfect for a low maintenance driveway garden.

2. Neatly Maintained Hedges

Hedges are a go-to option for front garden aesthetics. They require minimal maintenance and can make any front garden look ten times better. Some of the better plant options that make a great hedge are yew, beech, and box.

Suppose you like flowers in your hedges, hawthorn or snowball bushes are ideal. Unless you live in hilly regions, avoid coniferous trees. They can get out of hand, and cleaning up fallouts becomes troublesome.

3. Flower Bush Arrangement

Who doesn’t love flowers in their garden? But you do not necessarily have to settle for the good old rose bushes or dahlias. You can go offbeat and unique with flower bushes for landscaping the front of the garden. Some of them are –

• Cavatine or Lily-of-the-Valley
• Rhododendron
• Hydrangea
• Chrysanthemum
• Potentilla
• Lilac
• Butterfly Bush

4. Hardwood Trees

Trees can be the central attraction of your front garden.

Magnolia, flowering dogwood, maple, myrtle, tulips, cherry, etc. all these are great trees to plant in your front garden. But you have to make sure that you regularly trim the branches and maintain the tree. Otherwise, its growth can be a problem, and it would affect the look of the garden, and also cause a space issue.

Manor Gardens Tree Care is a trusted name in Croydon and surrounding areas whom you can hire to take care of your trees. Whether you need a dead trunk removed or an ailing tree revived, the expert tree surgeons of Manor Gardens will have it covered for you at very competitive prices.

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Why Should You Consider Hiring Professional Tree Cutting Services?

tree professional manor gardens

Cutting and felling of trees can prove to be a real challenging task. Often, during home renovations and remodelling, it becomes necessary to cut down surrounding trees. This can clear the space required for other construction work. It is inadvisable to cut down trees on your own without any professional help. Here are the top reasons why you should consider hiring professional tree cutting services.

Better safety measures

The trickiest part about felling big trees is the risk factor. Improper felling and cutting techniques can cause damage to people as well as the property. To avoid any injury to life and property, professional services are the best option. Only the right set of tools in the professional’s hands can do the job without any unwanted accidents.

Better lawn protection

Tree cutting can include a lot of different tree removal techniques. Merely removing the shrubs and branches from your premises may not be enough. Broad tree stumps are often left behind on the property. This can hamper the look and safety of your lawn. Professional tree cutters use the right tools and techniques to remove a tree from the roots and maintain the beauty of your garden.

More experienced and knowledge

Professional tree cutters are knowledgeable about tree felling and cutting. Be it grooming of shrubs or removal of tree trunks; they have a vast experience with all services. You can save time as well as money once you choose professional tree cutters.

Choice of services

A Tree cutting company can be your one-stop destination for all types of services. These can include the following:

• Tree trimming
• Tree pruning
• Stump removal or grinding
• Tree shaping
• Tree maintenance services

Instead of running around to locate different services from different providers, a professional tree cutting company can take care of all tree felling, cutting, and maintenance needs for you.

It is always a wise decision to choose a professional tree cutting service provider to take care of your trees. Manor Gardens provides a full range of services when it comes to tree felling and cutting. They offer quality tree-related services to all types of properties at extremely affordable prices.