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Most gardening activities come to a halt in the winters. But this is the best time for tree cutting. Most trees should be trimmed and pruned at this time for the best results. Apart from trees that bear flowers and fruits in early spring, other trees can be taken care of. This is because early bloomers already develop buds in the winter, which shouldn’t be disturbed. Here is a list of reasons why you should get your trees trimmed in winter:

• Trees are dormant and inactive during this time. As soon as shedding starts and the cold settles in, trees become dormant. Transpiration and photosynthesis are at the bare minimum, and no significant growth and development occur. This is why you wouldn’t be interfering or obstructing much when you cut down some branches.

• Trees are not the only things dormant in the winter. Insects, bugs, bacteria, and fungi also seem to disappear as the cold is harsh on them. These are the main culprits for the spreading of diseases. When we trim trees, the open wound is prone to infection. This is the best time to minimize the risk of infection to ensure a healthy tree.

• It is easier to do the job. Since almost all the trees are bare, the branches are visible. You can spot dry, dead, and diseased branches quickly and remove them. Maintaining structural integrity is also easier since you visualize the overall structure at a glance and work accordingly. Without any obstruction, the job becomes easier.

• It prepares the trees for the upcoming season. Doing it in the winters will ensure that your trees are prepped for the upcoming growing season. The trees will get enough dry time to heal, and with unnecessary branches out of the way, the tree will have vigorous growth.

If you decide to go for tree cutting in the winters, you needn’t do it yourself. It is a job best suited to professionals. Choose a trusted company like Manor Gardens Tree Care that will do the job with expertise.