The root system of a tree spreads in various ways based on the size and age of the tree. They either remain underground or visibly on the ground surface. They are the most crucial part of a tree to help it gain stability and reach out to water and nourishment to survive and grow well. Now, often, unconsciously while nurturing the tree you forget taking care of the root system and cause harm to the tree. Here are a few important tips for tree care in Bromley and avoid any damage to the roots of a tree.

Things to keep in mind to help the root system remain in good condition

Prevent damage to the root while planting the tree

If the trees are planted close to one another or buildings, sidewalks, foundation of your home, then the roots often come to the surface. Even if the tree is not planted deep underground, then the roots tend to go to the surface. In case, the roots have already surfaced, be careful to trim and mow them properly at regular intervals. It is also vital to mulch around and in between the exposed roots to ensure that they remain healthy and safe. So, the planting part is crucial. If you have planted it well, the tree will stay healthy for a long time with reasonable care.

Be careful about the length and breadth of the root system of a tree

The root system must remain within two feet depth in the soil. At times the roots run to the outer edge of the crown of the tree known as dripline. Thus, they soak up water, which eventually drips from the leaves of the tree. To check if the tree has been planted into the right depth, you need to examine whether the base of the tree from where the roots spread out is visible or not. This also offers a hint on the health of the entire root system.

Common planting tips

There are specific rules about growing a tree. It is considered that a tree which is taller and larger grows the most. Even experts follow these rules. A small tree ranges to 20 feet height, whereas, the medium and larger ones grow to about 40 feet and more. There should be some distance to maintain from the structures nearby as a tree is planted. It should be at least 2 feet for small ones and a minimum of 10 feet for the larger varieties.

Getting the help of an Arborist in growing a tree

If you want your trees to have the least damage, then it is vital to seek the support of an experienced and expert service provider for tree care in Bromley. They offer you with the professional backing to take adequate care of your tree, prevent all sorts of damages, and help it grow properly. Manor Garden is a trusted name in the field. Get in touch with them if you are looking for professional tree care services.