Steps Taken by Tree Surgeons in Croydon to Protect a Rain-Damaged Tree

Tree Surgeons in Croydon

Rainy weather is one of the most challenging times for the trees in your garden. The tree may face acute weather conditions such as heavy rain and storms during this season. These can be hazardous to the structural integrity of the trees. Days of rain can wash off the topsoil surface, affecting the roots.

How to Recover a Rain or Storm Damaged Tree

As the owner of a garden, assessment of the tree’s condition is very important during this season. You should regularly check the condition of the tree trunks, roots and branches. If you feel the damage is severe, you should take the assistance of good tree surgeons in Croydon.

In this blog, you get more insights about recovering a storm-affected tree with the able assistance of professionals.

Assessment of Damage

Assessment of damage in a tree is a primary task performed by tree surgeons. Rain and storm effects can vary according to the structural integrity and plant size. An arborist observes these damages to find an effective solution. They notice the things mentioned below:

  • The health of the tree, barring the rain or storm-affected portion
  • The condition of the leader, which is the main upward moving branch in a large tree
  • The situation of the crown of the tree. If it has sustained more than 50% damage, the tree will be unable to produce more foliage.
  • If any remaining branches can form a new structure.
  • The size of the wounds inflicted on the tree bark and branches.

Techniques to Protect Rain Damage

After assessing the damage, the tree surgeons decide the necessary treatment. They adopt techniques that can prevent the aggravation of the injury. Some of these activities are discussed here:

  • Pruning: Pruning the tree is the most convenient solution if the branch or limbs of the trees are broken. With this technique, the damaged and hanging branches of the tree are removed. This will save the tree from further damage due to rain and storms.
  • Stump Grinding: The arborists perform this task when the tree trunk gets broken or uprooted. The tree stump may remain rooted in the ground, which is a potential cause for an accident. With specialised machinery, the tree surgeons get rid of the remaining stump.
  • Uprooting the Trees: This task is performed on large, severely damaged trees. In the case of a small tree, the tree surgeons in Croydon try to straighten it with the help of cables and ropes.

These are some ways that professional tree surgeons can protect storm-damaged trees. If you want to perform it with an expert source, you can consult with Manor Garden Tree Care