6 Brilliant Ideas to Design Your Front Garden

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A front garden has lost out to the more secluded and private back garden when it comes to décor and designing. Homeowners prefer to have a low maintenance front garden or turn it into a parking space.

With little money, effort, and creativity, the front of the house can also turn into a beautiful patch of greenery. Here you will find out how.

Before starting, if your front garden has trees you wish to be trimmed or treated, get in touch with a tree surgeon to do the maintenance for you.

1. Utility Plus Aesthetics

Just because you are designing a garden does not mean you have to give up on the functionality of it. You can easily have a driveway along with a garden on two sides. You can keep the driveway authentic red laterite or cover it up with pebbles.

Plants like Creeping Thyme or Bigfoot Geranium are perfect for a low maintenance driveway garden.

2. Neatly Maintained Hedges

Hedges are a go-to option for front garden aesthetics. They require minimal maintenance and can make any front garden look ten times better. Some of the better plant options that make a great hedge are yew, beech, and box.

Suppose you like flowers in your hedges, hawthorn or snowball bushes are ideal. Unless you live in hilly regions, avoid coniferous trees. They can get out of hand, and cleaning up fallouts becomes troublesome.

3. Flower Bush Arrangement

Who doesn’t love flowers in their garden? But you do not necessarily have to settle for the good old rose bushes or dahlias. You can go offbeat and unique with flower bushes for landscaping the front of the garden. Some of them are –

• Cavatine or Lily-of-the-Valley
• Rhododendron
• Hydrangea
• Chrysanthemum
• Potentilla
• Lilac
• Butterfly Bush

4. Hardwood Trees

Trees can be the central attraction of your front garden.

Magnolia, flowering dogwood, maple, myrtle, tulips, cherry, etc. all these are great trees to plant in your front garden. But you have to make sure that you regularly trim the branches and maintain the tree. Otherwise, its growth can be a problem, and it would affect the look of the garden, and also cause a space issue.

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