Taking care of plants and maintaining a garden or a lawn is a work of art. A fair amount of work goes into growing tender seedlings into desirable plants as the process requires a fair bit of information and experience. It is not suited to everyone, which is why most people trust professional garden services in Croydon to do the job. Three primary stages of transplantation are discussed below

Phase 1:

fresh, small seedlings are kept in a closed environment like inside the house or a small nursery so that the external factors could be controlled and growth can be monitored. These seedlings can’t be placed outside in the lawn as factors like harsh sunlight, strong winds or weathered soil can kill the tender plants.

Phase 2:

once the plants are big enough, the soil has to be prepared. The spot has to be chosen keeping factors like heat, water and light in mind. The flower bed has to be ready, and the soil should be enhanced with compost or liquid fertilizers to boost the growth of the plant.

Phase 3:

after the spot is ready, the transplant takes place. Special care has to be taken to remove the plant gently from the pot without harming the roots and placing it at the right depth in a hole that is of the right size to ensure the best growth.

Important considerations while transplanting

• Young plants must be handled with utmost care. They are very sensitive and tend to get overwhelmed if not handled gently. One should be very cautious while moving them. Always be careful about not touching them in the neck as this is the most fragile part and prone to damage the most.

• Water them properly as the damp roots tend to remain healthy.

• As the plants are put in the ground, make sure that the hole is deep and wide to accommodate the root system well. There should be enough space underground to ensure that the root system can move undisturbed as the plant grows. They should not be put too deep as well as that might lead to rotting of the roots. Tuck the soil around the roots so that they always remain in close contact with the earthy elements.

• The first few days are crucial to the well-being of the plant. Health checks should be done at regular intervals. Check the dryness level of the soil till a few inches. These measures will ease out the transition of the transplant.

• Mulch well to keep up the moisture and prevent the growth of weeds.

The technicalities play a significant role in how the plant turns out in the end. If you would like to ensure that your garden is full of beautiful and healthy plants, you can trust one of the best companies offering garden services in Croydon, Manor Gardens, to take care of it. The quality of services is not to be doubted, considering the years of experience the company carries.