Bromley tree services

Trees are an invaluable asset to a garden, which offer an aesthetic outlook and shade in the summer. However, nature’s fury and years of existence can cause a heavy toll on the condition of a tree. One may find it to be decaying, which is also known as tree failure.

Cure Decayed Tree with Bromley Tree Service:

The structural damage or breakage of any part of the tree is known as a tree failure. There are mainly two types of damage: Catastrophic and Partial. A gardener may observe some basic signs on their trees. These need to be confirmed with the help of a professional Bromley tree service. Keeping decadent trees on the property can be a disastrous decision, as it can affect other trees in the garden.

How to Determine a Failing or Decayed Tree?

A faster diagnosis and treatment of tree failure can save the gardener from further damage. Below, one can find some prominent signs of tree decay.

  • Fungal Growth at Ground Level: When one notices the growth of fungus or mushroom on the base of the tree, they can be assured of tree failure. However, one should also remember that not all mushrooms are harmful to the tree. However, an infestation of fungus on the tree bark should act as a red flag.

  • Sawdust or Shredded Barks: It is a prominent sign that the tree is infested by some kind of insect or pest. Shreds of tree bark or sawdust can typically be found on the tree’s base. The infestation of wood-boring pests is detrimental to the tree. They establish their nest inside the tree, feed off the wood and gradually kill the tree. The worst scenario is that these insects may attack the wooden articles present in the household of the garden owner.

  • Leaning Trees: When someone notices their trees leaning at an angle, they should take cognisance of the matter. The issue may probably be caused by the overloaded growth of the canopy. It is a sign to get the leaves trimmed by taking the help of a professional tree pruning service.

  • Branch and Leaf Health: Barren, smaller foliage on the branches indicates branch diseases. If not diagnosed early, the problem could spiral on and cause complete decay of the tree. Additionally, one should be careful in checking the health of the leaves as well. Areas with fewer leaf growths should be highlighted by the garden owner. The problem should be supervised by an expert tree surgeon.

  • Cavities: Cavities are one of the prominent signs of damage in the tree. There are two types of cavities: Nesting and large cavities. As the name suggests, nesting cavities are caused when a bird or wild animal establishes a nest inside the tree. The larger cavities may result from previous accidents or improper tree care routines.

These are some prominent signs of tree damage that one should take care of. If someone witnesses similar damages described here, they should opt for calling a Bromley tree service. They are professionals who can provide quality assistance in treating the decays of a plant.