tree cutting Bromley

Pruning and cutting is indeed beneficial exercise for maintaining your tree. However, you should also know the time to perform these activities. These are important activities to maintain the health of the tree, and overdoing it may be harmful to your plants.

Follow Systematic Approach to Pruning:

To maintain good health, the gardeners advise cutting and pruning the trees twice a year. A seasonal tree maintenance routine helps keep it in good shape and eliminates nearly all the issues. To perform it in a better way, you should contact a noted tree cutting in Bromley.

Negative Effects of Frequent Tree Cutting:

This blog discusses the harmful effects of frequent cuts on your trees.

  1. Reduced Limb Strength: The strength of the branches and limbs of the tree gets affected when too much of the tree’s foliage is removed. The individual limbs, as a result, cannot hold on to increased stress. These limbs are more likely to break when compared to other smaller branches. To receive uniform strength, you should not cut the branches more often.

  2. More Maintenance Costs: Frequent pruning is the main cause of excessive sprouting. It can hamper the aesthetic quality of the tree and the garden. In situations like these, you need to prune the tree more often. This causes double jeopardy. Not only do you have to pay more for maintenance, but also it damages your tree greatly.

  3. Certain Cuts Causes Decay: Any cut to the tree is like a wound that should be properly healed. The chances of tree decay increase when you inflict frequent cuts on it. A professional tree surgeon would try to prune the tree with the fewest possible cuts. It is also more beneficial for the tree as the chances of damage are less.

  4. Chances of Wind Decay: This is an issue you might face if your garden has trees with greater canopies. The foliage allows the tree to remain strong even during high winds. When you prune the tree frequently, you raise the lower limbs. This hurts the roots and the trunk. As a result, the tree cannot stand strong during a storm.

As you can see, over-pruning or frequent cutting can affect your tree’s health. As a result, it can inflict damage on your whole garden. For better assistance in tree cutting in Bromley, you can visit a reputed source like Manor Gardens Tree Care. We are one of the prominent names in tree maintenance known for four decades. Contact us today to know more.