Tree Surgeon in Bromley

If you’re looking for a tree surgeon in Bromley, here at Manor Gardens Tree Care, take great satisfaction in offering comprehensive tree care services by attending to each client’s unique needs. We specialise in providing an extensive range of expert tree care services, including trimming, stump grinding, tree removal, or deadwood removal. Our experts are well equipped with specialised tools and the newest machinery.

Choosing a Tree Surgeon in Bromley: What to Avoid

  • Jacks of all Trades

Like a gas boiler installation or any other professional craft, tree surgery necessitates a vast array of experience, credentials, knowledge, specialised equipment, certificates, insurance coverage, health and safety expertise, and expertise in working at heights, and much more. Reaching a level of proficiency that can ensure the safety and quality of clients costs a lot of money and takes a long time. It has taken us several years.

  • Companies that Provide “topping and lopping” of trees

These tree-trimming services are not certified. Anyone can lop a little from the top of a tree. However, they wouldn’t be aware of the possible harm to the tree’s health or the risks of preventing neighbourhood kids from falling branches.

  • No Landline Phone Number

Traceability is impossible if only a mobile number exists. Mobile phones can be turned off or, worse, thrown away. Consider your plan of action in the event of a problem. You have the certainty of recourse when you have a landline number.

  • No Address

If there isn’t a listed physical address (one that doesn’t mention a PO Box), red flags should go up. It would help if you verified the address’s validity. Anyone may make up an address, and several well-known web directories have been known to let advertisers get away with it.

  • Poor Quality Pamphlets

Such pamphlets in black and white, with misspellings and crooked printing, have probably landed on your doormat. How in the world can you believe that the firm would provide high-quality tree service if the quality of the leaflet is any indication? At all costs, avoid!

  • Cash Demands

Never trust a business that requests payment in advance. We never require payment in advance. We don’t need to purchase materials to finish the task, so why would we? You may be asked for a deposit if you are required to hire specialised equipment, like a manually raised work platform, to facilitate access to a difficult-to-reach tree. However, you will also have the option to pay with a credit card and receive a receipt. If not, wait to make a payment until you are entirely pleased with the job.

Because of our reliability, we at Manor Gardens Tree Care go above and beyond to maintain the health of your trees and garden all year. For a free, no-obligation quote, call us right away!