tree care in Bromley

It looks beautiful to have large green trees around your windows. But taking care of your garden with large trees can be daunting. It’s important to keep trees healthy and safe, both for your own benefit and for the benefit of your neighbours. Luckily, tree care doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive.

Tree care experts in Bromley have tips on regular tree care in and around Bromley to make your job easier.


How to Manage Your Garden with Large Trees?

With regular maintenance, proper pruning, vigilant pest control, and careful monitoring of soil conditions, you can create a lush, green oasis right outside your door – one that will last for years to come!

Here are some simple tips for keeping your landscape looking its best:

1. Regularly water and fertilise: The most important thing you can do for a tree is to give it enough water and fertiliser. Watering should be done regularly, depending on the type of soil your garden has (clay soils will require less frequent watering). Fertilising should also be done regularly, especially in areas with poor soil fertility. Use specific fertiliser types that are suitable for your particular species of tree.

2. Prune regularly: Pruning is necessary to maintain a healthy tree form and structure. Trees should be pruned regularly throughout their life cycle to promote strong growth and prevent disease or insect infestation. To reduce the risk of damage, ensure that only experienced professionals perform pruning work on large trees.

3. Protect from pests: Insects and other pests can cause major damage to trees if left unchecked. Using pest control measures such as spraying with insecticides or introducing beneficial insects into the garden can help protect trees from pest damage. Make sure to use these treatments only when necessary, and always read the labels carefully before using any chemicals near plants or wildlife habitats in your garden.

4. Monitor soil conditions: Soil quality is an important factor in maintaining healthy trees in the garden, so it’s important to monitor soil conditions closely throughout the year by periodically testing pH levels and nutrient contents. Adding organic components such as compost or mulch will help improve soil health over time, providing better nutrition for the roots of the tree and helping retain moisture levels during dry spells.

Apart from all these, you need the assistance and guidance of professional tree care experts. Manor Gardens is a trusted name in this field. Working with our certified arborists or tree surgeon will help keep your garden in its best form throughout the year.

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