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Tree care is a crucial part of garden maintenance. The larger trees in a yard, park or landscape require special attention and care to ensure they remain healthy and safe. Trees can become damaged and unhealthy due to improper pruning techniques, disease or pest damage, or incorrect planting and placement. To help your large trees stay healthy and beautiful, you should always hire a professional tree surgeon in Bromley.

But sometimes, property owners make some common tree care mistakes they should avoid to ensure the good health of their gardens.

Tree Care Mistakes You Must Avoid

1. Not Pruning Regularly – Pruning is an essential part of tree care that helps your tree remain healthy and strong. Many people don’t realize that large trees need to be pruned regularly as well as occasionally when branches become too long, heavy or misdirected. Prune the branches with clean cuts just above the collar (the swollen area at the branch’s base). Removing too much foliage can weaken your tree’s structure, so limit pruning to only what’s necessary for shape, health or safety purposes.

2. Wrong Mulching Techniques – Mulching is another important part of caring for large trees as it helps keep moisture in a while, keeping weeds away from the roots. However, too much mulch can smother plants and create an environment where fungi grow rapidly on top of roots and create girding root conditions. To prevent this, ensure your mulch layer is no thicker than 4 inches deep around the trunk, with an outer ring of 12 inches deep further away from the trunk.

3. Ignoring Signs of Disease or Pest Damage – Large trees have increased exposure to pests like borers, aphids or beetles compared to smaller shrubs because their larger size makes them easier targets for these pests’ attacks on their leaves or bark surface areas. Be sure to monitor your trees closely for any signs of disease or pest damage before they get out of hand so you can perform treatments accordingly before it becomes too late for your trees!

4. Planting in The Wrong Spot– Planting a large tree in an unsuitable place might mean that it won’t be able to develop its full potential because it lacks adequate light exposure due to sunlight being blocked by nearby buildings/structures; this results in weakened vigour caused by stunted growth rates leading towards poor overall health conditions in comparison with those planted in open spaces where they receive natural amounts of sunlight throughout daytimes hours.

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