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Do you know the right way to trim your shrubs and small trees? Pruning is important to remove the dead and dry stubs and branches to make room for new growth. It is the best thing you can do for your plants. Here are some of the easy pruning practices and the ways to do it for shrubs and small trees in your garden. We also suggest hiring professional tree care in Croydon to ease the task.

Basic Pruning Tips For the Beautiful Garden

Pruning a Tree

Shape the tree gradually over the period of several years once the tree is a few years old. It will maximise foliage as well as flowering. The branches of the trees must be well-spaced up the trunk and spiralling around it. Do not prune over one-fourth of the tree’s total area annually. Remove the lowest branches to raise the crown of the trees.

Pruning Small Flowering Trees

Refrain from pruning a newly planted or young tree. This is because it requires as many leaves as possible to enable producing food necessary for the growth of roots. Remove injured, dead or broken branches and always ensure to prune back to a healthy branch or stem without leaving stubs.

When Should You Remove an Entire Branch of a Tree?

Use a pruning saw to cut branches over 1 inch in diameter to prevent ripping or stripping bark. Cust as close to the branch collar. Follow these three steps:

On the limb’s bottom, between 6 to 12 inches from the trunk, cut nearly 1/4th of the way through.

Through the limb from the top, nearly one inch above the initial cut.

Entirely via the short remainder stub from top to bottom, right above the branch collar.

Remove suckers- the fast-growing stems that grow up from the base of the trunk or from the roots and water sprouts- the extravigorous shoots that grow directly up from the branches or trunk.

Mature trees don’t need frequent pruning. Simply occasional pruning is enough to retain their appearance and structure. Avoid cutting off the top of a tree’s canopy to decrease its size. It makes them less attractive and more susceptible to pests and weak growth.

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