tree cutting in Croydon

Trees in and around the property provide shade and add to the property’s aesthetics. However, certain situations exist when a tree becomes a pain and needs removing. If the tree is big with a large ensemble of branches, it might be difficult for you to remove it single-handedly, so it would be best if you got the tree removed by hiring a professional tree surgeon. They have retained individuals with the tools to remove trees and stumps. When do you need an emergency tree-cutting service?

Here are a few situations that show that emergency tree-cutting service is necessary.

Remove forward-leaning trees

If you find that the tree trunk or branches are leaning forward, then there’s a chance the tree is moving towards the house. A huge gust of wind or outgrowth can make the tree lean toward the house and its roof. In the worst case scenario, the tree might suddenly fall off the house’s roof and damage it. So when the tree starts leaning towards the house, hire a tree surgeon and get it sorted as soon as you can. This will help you prevent any damage to the house that could have happened otherwise.

Remove infected or diseased trees

Another valid reason to remove the tree from the premises is when your tree becomes diseased. Did your tree succumb to any pest infestation? Diseased trees are of no use and the more they grow, the more disease they will spread. So, you should eliminate it and plant a new one instead of keeping the old diseased tree.

Remove trees with cracked trunks

Sometimes, the tree trunk might develop numerous cracks due to harsh weather conditions or lightning strikes. If the cracks become dark brownish, then it’s time to remove the tree. This is an indication that the tree is getting damaged. Generally, trees with cracked trunks and unstable might suddenly fall off, unable to withstand the wind pressure. Hence before any such accidental instance happens, ensure you get rid of the it.

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