tree care in croydon

Every homeowner knows that trees are a vital aspect and focal point in every landscape. If you are undertaking some home maintenance tasks, ensure that your property has a well-maintained yard. It will make your garden look beautiful whilst being very inviting and attracting all sorts of nature and wildlife. Trees also contribute to the environment by improving air quality, providing oxygen and preserving soil.

If you notice a damaged or diseased tree, get in touch with a tree surgeon. Look for someone with years of experience in the industry as they know the importance of stunning exterior space. Manor Gardens Tree Care in Croydon has fully insured, and NPTC qualified tree surgeons. Your landscape will look happy and healthy throughout summer if your garden gets sufficient tree care. It is the perfect season for tree trimming, pest inspections and watering.

Few Easy Tree Care Tips For Summer

  • Mulching

It is never too late to mulch your trees. Mulching is an integral part of tree care as it helps in stabilising soil temperature, weedy competition and protects soil moisture. You can use shredded hardwood mulch for mature trees in summer. Tree surgeons use the correct mulching technique so the mulch forms a doughnut shape at the tree’s base.


  • Irrigation

Watering trees become more necessary during the dry and warm summer. Whether you have a mature tree or a recently planted one, make sure it gets sufficient irrigation. On average, a tree needs around one inch of water every week. You have to water the plants regularly whilst also understanding the correct watering technique. Tree surgeons always use less frequent deepwater applications when watering the plants in your garden, encouraging better root growth.


  • Fertilisation

Using fertilisers is as essential as watering the plants in summer. It is the responsibility of the tree surgeon to ensure that all the trees get sufficient nourishment necessary for the development of shoot or support leaves, prevent diseases and keep away insects. The fertilisation needs of trees growing in high-stress areas like suburban or urban environments are always more. These trees need more fertilisers and tree care in Croydon than those growing in natural areas.


  • Pruning

Tree pruning is science. Unless you have years of experience in tree care, it’s best to get a professional. The best time for tree pruning is during the dormant season. Summertime tree pruning is necessary for some trees, especially those that flower in the spring. Few of the common trees are lilacs, flowering cherries and magnolias. You might identify dead, diseased or damaged branches any time of the year, and you have to prune out the trees to make them healthy.

Time to follow the tips stated above and contact the tree surgeons at Manor Gardens for Tree Care in Croydon if you want your trees to look stunning throughout summer.