Why Frequent Pruning and Cutting is Dangerous for Your Tree

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Pruning and cutting is indeed beneficial exercise for maintaining your tree. However, you should also know the time to perform these activities. These are important activities to maintain the health of the tree, and overdoing it may be harmful to your plants.

Follow Systematic Approach to Pruning:

To maintain good health, the gardeners advise cutting and pruning the trees twice a year. A seasonal tree maintenance routine helps keep it in good shape and eliminates nearly all the issues. To perform it in a better way, you should contact a noted tree cutting in Bromley.

Negative Effects of Frequent Tree Cutting:

This blog discusses the harmful effects of frequent cuts on your trees.

  1. Reduced Limb Strength: The strength of the branches and limbs of the tree gets affected when too much of the tree’s foliage is removed. The individual limbs, as a result, cannot hold on to increased stress. These limbs are more likely to break when compared to other smaller branches. To receive uniform strength, you should not cut the branches more often.

  2. More Maintenance Costs: Frequent pruning is the main cause of excessive sprouting. It can hamper the aesthetic quality of the tree and the garden. In situations like these, you need to prune the tree more often. This causes double jeopardy. Not only do you have to pay more for maintenance, but also it damages your tree greatly.

  3. Certain Cuts Causes Decay: Any cut to the tree is like a wound that should be properly healed. The chances of tree decay increase when you inflict frequent cuts on it. A professional tree surgeon would try to prune the tree with the fewest possible cuts. It is also more beneficial for the tree as the chances of damage are less.

  4. Chances of Wind Decay: This is an issue you might face if your garden has trees with greater canopies. The foliage allows the tree to remain strong even during high winds. When you prune the tree frequently, you raise the lower limbs. This hurts the roots and the trunk. As a result, the tree cannot stand strong during a storm.

As you can see, over-pruning or frequent cutting can affect your tree’s health. As a result, it can inflict damage on your whole garden. For better assistance in tree cutting in Bromley, you can visit a reputed source like Manor Gardens Tree Care. We are one of the prominent names in tree maintenance known for four decades. Contact us today to know more.

Qualities To Look For When Hiring Tree Surgeons in Bromley

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If you are one of the homeowners who think that the services offered by a tree surgeon are effortless and straightforward, you’re wrong. You can get peace of mind by hiring capable Tree Surgeons in Bromley. With numerous scattered all over Bromley, choosing one often becomes a challenge. The best you can do is look for one who has all the vital qualities. Manor Gardens’ tree surgeons are fully trained and experienced to the highest industry standards.

Hiring A Tree Surgeon? Few Qualities To Look For

Good Communication Skills

It will become easier for you to convey the type of tree services you are looking for if your hired surgeon has good communication skills. This is necessary if they have undertaken a big project and want to carry it out efficiently and safely. They often have to communicate concise and clear information to other tree surgeons to carry out the task safely. The objective is to avoid accidents. Working in the tree care industry is very challenging. Even a slight miscommunication can result in serious injuries.

Have Passion For Wildlife

Some people think that the only task of a tree surgeon is to chop down trees and damage everything in the path. Almost every tree surgeon has a passion for wildlife. They love trees and feel bad when they get rid of one. If there is a damaged or diseased tree in your garden, they will let you know whether you have to remove or trim them. They respect the natural world and always try to conserve biodiversity.

Knowledge About Plant Life

It is easy for tree surgeons to carry out various kinds of tree work with utmost proficiency as they have excellent knowledge about plant life. It is the legal responsibility of arborists to survey trees for wildlife. Most of them are trained and know about individual trees, shrubs, vines and perennial woody plants. To provide tree care services of the highest standards, they must have plenty of knowledge and expertise about different tree species.

Look for the qualities stated above when hiring a tree surgeon, and you will have complete peace of mind.


Need Tree Cutting in Bromley? Three Tips To Save Money When Hiring A Tree Surgeon

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Overgrown trees in the garden are a common issue homeowners have to deal with throughout the year. Damaged or diseased trees can compromise your safety if you fail to prune or trim them at regular intervals. You will notice that they start to shed leaves, making your garden darker.

You can prevent this by contacting experienced tree surgeons offering tree cutting services. They will assess the condition of the trees in your garden and carry out any necessary work. If you have not yet hired a tree surgeon because you are afraid of the financial implications, follow the tips stated below.

Tips To Save Money When Hiring a Company For Tree Cutting In Bromley

  • Hire Experienced Tree Surgeons

Getting rid of a damaged or diseased tree from your garden is more challenging than you might think. Attempting it yourself could greatly compromise your safety. Tree surgeons consider numerous factors before beginning the tree cutting process. Moreover, experienced workers will likely complete the job in a faster time period, meaning the cost of labour will be reduced.


  • Ask Questions

If you want to have complete peace of mind when hiring tree surgeons, be sure to ask them plenty of questions. Schedule an initial consultation, in which you can find out everything you need to know, such as whether or not they will remove the tree after cutting it. Every tree surgeon quotes a different price, so you will need to do some research before hiring the right one.


  • Check Tree Cutting Costs

The cost of tree cutting in Bromley depends on various factors. Tree surgeons will consider the type and height of the tree that is to be removed. If a variety of trees is particularly easy to handle, they might suggest a lower price. They may quote a higher price if they have to remove any overhanging branches before getting rid of the tree.


  • Compare Prices

You can make a wise investment by gathering quotes from two or more tree surgeons and choosing one offering the service at affordable prices. However, you must be cautious that the company still offers professional services, as it could be dangerous to hire someone who doesn’t follow the correct tree cutting technique.

Follow the tips stated above to save money when hiring tree cutting services. For the best tree cutting in Bromley, get in touch with the experienced tree surgeons at Manor Gardens.