Tree Care in Bromley

Everyone wants a well-tended garden in their house, but taking care of trees is time-consuming and challenging. If you don’t want to spend endless hours eaten up by chores, hire an experienced tree surgeon for Tree Care in Bromley. It means you don’t have to take up tree care as a full-time job. You should know the proper technique of mulching, weeding, composting, planting and pruning and craft a year-long schedule if you want to prevent the trees from any damage or decay. The best alternative is to hire a tree care specialist who will share with you a few tips to save water while gardening.

5 Tips To Save Water During Tree Care In Bromley


• Use Large Pots

Some tree surgeons suggest their customers use large pots because it helps them to save watering time. It takes more time for plants to dry out when planted in large containers. You can also opt for galvanised tall buckets as they help in increasing the tree’s height and offer a unique look to your garden.

•Plant a Meadow

If you plan to plant a meadow in your garden, choose spring bulb meadow instead of traditional summer meadows, and you have to work less. Choose a suitable time to plant the bulbs to flower before May, and you can mow them from June onwards. It will also allow you to use the area as a beautiful lawn throughout the year.

• Mulch It

Some people avoid mulching their garden as they feel that it is a mountainous task. Arborists offering Tree Care in Bromley know that it is an integral part of their service which can help you save a lot of time. If you plan to mulch your garden during the winter, order some winter mulch and spread it over the borders. They are a bit expensive but help in suppressing weeds during spring.

• Select Some Low-Maintenance Plants

Though the high-maintenance plants are lovely to look at, planting those means you have to work more, a better alternative is to choose low maintenance plants like perfumed Phlox or Blue Paradise. They have better mildew resistance and can enhance the beauty of your garden.

• Keep Away Pests

Since pests can wreak havoc in your garden, the focus of every tree care specialist offering services in Bromley and surrounding areas is on keeping pests away from your outdoor space. Though you can get rid of them from your garden once they have attacked, preventing them is less time-consuming and saves money. They are even aware of the vegetables you can mix in your dahlia bed to keep away pests and make the beds look striking.

You can follow the tips stated above to save water during tree care or contact the tree care specialists at Manor Gardens. They have fully trained tree surgeons to carry out all kinds of tree work, from planting to removal. You will get premium quality tree care services at reasonable prices.