Why Frequent Pruning and Cutting is Dangerous for Your Tree

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Pruning and cutting is indeed beneficial exercise for maintaining your tree. However, you should also know the time to perform these activities. These are important activities to maintain the health of the tree, and overdoing it may be harmful to your plants.

Follow Systematic Approach to Pruning:

To maintain good health, the gardeners advise cutting and pruning the trees twice a year. A seasonal tree maintenance routine helps keep it in good shape and eliminates nearly all the issues. To perform it in a better way, you should contact a noted tree cutting in Bromley.

Negative Effects of Frequent Tree Cutting:

This blog discusses the harmful effects of frequent cuts on your trees.

  1. Reduced Limb Strength: The strength of the branches and limbs of the tree gets affected when too much of the tree’s foliage is removed. The individual limbs, as a result, cannot hold on to increased stress. These limbs are more likely to break when compared to other smaller branches. To receive uniform strength, you should not cut the branches more often.

  2. More Maintenance Costs: Frequent pruning is the main cause of excessive sprouting. It can hamper the aesthetic quality of the tree and the garden. In situations like these, you need to prune the tree more often. This causes double jeopardy. Not only do you have to pay more for maintenance, but also it damages your tree greatly.

  3. Certain Cuts Causes Decay: Any cut to the tree is like a wound that should be properly healed. The chances of tree decay increase when you inflict frequent cuts on it. A professional tree surgeon would try to prune the tree with the fewest possible cuts. It is also more beneficial for the tree as the chances of damage are less.

  4. Chances of Wind Decay: This is an issue you might face if your garden has trees with greater canopies. The foliage allows the tree to remain strong even during high winds. When you prune the tree frequently, you raise the lower limbs. This hurts the roots and the trunk. As a result, the tree cannot stand strong during a storm.

As you can see, over-pruning or frequent cutting can affect your tree’s health. As a result, it can inflict damage on your whole garden. For better assistance in tree cutting in Bromley, you can visit a reputed source like Manor Gardens Tree Care. We are one of the prominent names in tree maintenance known for four decades. Contact us today to know more.

Signs of Tree Decay that Prompts One to Call Bromley Tree Services

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Trees are an invaluable asset to a garden, which offer an aesthetic outlook and shade in the summer. However, nature’s fury and years of existence can cause a heavy toll on the condition of a tree. One may find it to be decaying, which is also known as tree failure.

Cure Decayed Tree with Bromley Tree Service:

The structural damage or breakage of any part of the tree is known as a tree failure. There are mainly two types of damage: Catastrophic and Partial. A gardener may observe some basic signs on their trees. These need to be confirmed with the help of a professional Bromley tree service. Keeping decadent trees on the property can be a disastrous decision, as it can affect other trees in the garden.

How to Determine a Failing or Decayed Tree?

A faster diagnosis and treatment of tree failure can save the gardener from further damage. Below, one can find some prominent signs of tree decay.

  • Fungal Growth at Ground Level: When one notices the growth of fungus or mushroom on the base of the tree, they can be assured of tree failure. However, one should also remember that not all mushrooms are harmful to the tree. However, an infestation of fungus on the tree bark should act as a red flag.

  • Sawdust or Shredded Barks: It is a prominent sign that the tree is infested by some kind of insect or pest. Shreds of tree bark or sawdust can typically be found on the tree’s base. The infestation of wood-boring pests is detrimental to the tree. They establish their nest inside the tree, feed off the wood and gradually kill the tree. The worst scenario is that these insects may attack the wooden articles present in the household of the garden owner.

  • Leaning Trees: When someone notices their trees leaning at an angle, they should take cognisance of the matter. The issue may probably be caused by the overloaded growth of the canopy. It is a sign to get the leaves trimmed by taking the help of a professional tree pruning service.

  • Branch and Leaf Health: Barren, smaller foliage on the branches indicates branch diseases. If not diagnosed early, the problem could spiral on and cause complete decay of the tree. Additionally, one should be careful in checking the health of the leaves as well. Areas with fewer leaf growths should be highlighted by the garden owner. The problem should be supervised by an expert tree surgeon.

  • Cavities: Cavities are one of the prominent signs of damage in the tree. There are two types of cavities: Nesting and large cavities. As the name suggests, nesting cavities are caused when a bird or wild animal establishes a nest inside the tree. The larger cavities may result from previous accidents or improper tree care routines.

These are some prominent signs of tree damage that one should take care of. If someone witnesses similar damages described here, they should opt for calling a Bromley tree service. They are professionals who can provide quality assistance in treating the decays of a plant.

What to Avoid When Hiring a Tree Surgeon in Bromley

Tree Surgeon in Bromley

If you’re looking for a tree surgeon in Bromley, here at Manor Gardens Tree Care, take great satisfaction in offering comprehensive tree care services by attending to each client’s unique needs. We specialise in providing an extensive range of expert tree care services, including trimming, stump grinding, tree removal, or deadwood removal. Our experts are well equipped with specialised tools and the newest machinery.

Choosing a Tree Surgeon in Bromley: What to Avoid

  • Jacks of all Trades

Like a gas boiler installation or any other professional craft, tree surgery necessitates a vast array of experience, credentials, knowledge, specialised equipment, certificates, insurance coverage, health and safety expertise, and expertise in working at heights, and much more. Reaching a level of proficiency that can ensure the safety and quality of clients costs a lot of money and takes a long time. It has taken us several years.

  • Companies that Provide “topping and lopping” of trees

These tree-trimming services are not certified. Anyone can lop a little from the top of a tree. However, they wouldn’t be aware of the possible harm to the tree’s health or the risks of preventing neighbourhood kids from falling branches.

  • No Landline Phone Number

Traceability is impossible if only a mobile number exists. Mobile phones can be turned off or, worse, thrown away. Consider your plan of action in the event of a problem. You have the certainty of recourse when you have a landline number.

  • No Address

If there isn’t a listed physical address (one that doesn’t mention a PO Box), red flags should go up. It would help if you verified the address’s validity. Anyone may make up an address, and several well-known web directories have been known to let advertisers get away with it.

  • Poor Quality Pamphlets

Such pamphlets in black and white, with misspellings and crooked printing, have probably landed on your doormat. How in the world can you believe that the firm would provide high-quality tree service if the quality of the leaflet is any indication? At all costs, avoid!

  • Cash Demands

Never trust a business that requests payment in advance. We never require payment in advance. We don’t need to purchase materials to finish the task, so why would we? You may be asked for a deposit if you are required to hire specialised equipment, like a manually raised work platform, to facilitate access to a difficult-to-reach tree. However, you will also have the option to pay with a credit card and receive a receipt. If not, wait to make a payment until you are entirely pleased with the job.

Because of our reliability, we at Manor Gardens Tree Care go above and beyond to maintain the health of your trees and garden all year. For a free, no-obligation quote, call us right away!

Steps Taken by Tree Surgeons in Croydon to Protect a Rain-Damaged Tree

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Rainy weather is one of the most challenging times for the trees in your garden. The tree may face acute weather conditions such as heavy rain and storms during this season. These can be hazardous to the structural integrity of the trees. Days of rain can wash off the topsoil surface, affecting the roots.

How to Recover a Rain or Storm Damaged Tree

As the owner of a garden, assessment of the tree’s condition is very important during this season. You should regularly check the condition of the tree trunks, roots and branches. If you feel the damage is severe, you should take the assistance of good tree surgeons in Croydon.

In this blog, you get more insights about recovering a storm-affected tree with the able assistance of professionals.

Assessment of Damage

Assessment of damage in a tree is a primary task performed by tree surgeons. Rain and storm effects can vary according to the structural integrity and plant size. An arborist observes these damages to find an effective solution. They notice the things mentioned below:

  • The health of the tree, barring the rain or storm-affected portion
  • The condition of the leader, which is the main upward moving branch in a large tree
  • The situation of the crown of the tree. If it has sustained more than 50% damage, the tree will be unable to produce more foliage.
  • If any remaining branches can form a new structure.
  • The size of the wounds inflicted on the tree bark and branches.

Techniques to Protect Rain Damage

After assessing the damage, the tree surgeons decide the necessary treatment. They adopt techniques that can prevent the aggravation of the injury. Some of these activities are discussed here:

  • Pruning: Pruning the tree is the most convenient solution if the branch or limbs of the trees are broken. With this technique, the damaged and hanging branches of the tree are removed. This will save the tree from further damage due to rain and storms.
  • Stump Grinding: The arborists perform this task when the tree trunk gets broken or uprooted. The tree stump may remain rooted in the ground, which is a potential cause for an accident. With specialised machinery, the tree surgeons get rid of the remaining stump.
  • Uprooting the Trees: This task is performed on large, severely damaged trees. In the case of a small tree, the tree surgeons in Croydon try to straighten it with the help of cables and ropes.

These are some ways that professional tree surgeons can protect storm-damaged trees. If you want to perform it with an expert source, you can consult with Manor Garden Tree Care

3 Reasons To Plant More Trees In Autumn

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Some people think that spring is the right season for planting more trees and watering them. If you are one of them, it’s high time you debunk the myth. The lack of vegetation symbolises winter. So, tree surgeons at Manor Gardens Tree Care feel that autumn is the ideal time to landscape your yard and refresh your garden.

Consider where you live, and it will become easier for you to decide whether spring or autumn is the right time to plant trees. You might not have to choose a specific planting period if you live somewhere which experiences consistent weather throughout the year. In Bromley and surrounding areas, autumn is the most preferred season to plant trees. Still, the ideal time to plant trees differs from one place to another.

Few Benefits Of Planting Trees In Autumn


• Get Extra Growing Season

Plants go through a lot of stress during the harsh winter and summer. If you want your trees to get some extra growing season, plant them in autumn. The season offers the perfect combination of fall rain and cool temperatures so trees can establish their roots and adjust to extreme droughts or heat experienced during summer. If you think that young trees are not strong enough to withstand harsh winter, get in touch with tree surgeons. Trees become dormant during winter, which slows down their metabolism, growth, and energy consumption. You can consider planting trees until the ground becomes frozen. Trees don’t need extra in their dormant state.

• Plant At The Right Place

Though it is important to choose the right time of the year to plant your trees, you should also ensure that you plant them correctly. You should plant them in the right place. The first thing you have to do is evaluate the space to ensure it is suitable for the tree species you choose to plant. Please avoid planting too close to other structures as your plants might not get the required shade, sun, or moisture. If you don’t want to plant trees over underground utility lines, hire an experienced tree surgeon for the task. You should plant your trees properly if you want them to get the proper care.

• After-Care

Some trees require sufficient care throughout the year. You should create a mulch ring around newly planted or young trees. Just make sure that you don’t end up piling the mulch against the truck. You should also water your trees just after planting, so many think autumn is the right time to plant them. Look for a reputed company in Bromley for tree services, and their tree surgeons will ensure that your trees get sufficient care. They will also let you know how often you should plant your trees. You can dig a 1-inch hole using a trowel. You might not have to water your plants often if the soil is moist to touch.

Since there are so many benefits of planting your trees in autumn, it’s time you get in touch with the experienced arborists at Manor Gardens Tree Care.


Few Tree Care Tips To Save Water

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Everyone wants a well-tended garden in their house, but taking care of trees is time-consuming and challenging. If you don’t want to spend endless hours eaten up by chores, hire an experienced tree surgeon for Tree Care in Bromley. It means you don’t have to take up tree care as a full-time job. You should know the proper technique of mulching, weeding, composting, planting and pruning and craft a year-long schedule if you want to prevent the trees from any damage or decay. The best alternative is to hire a tree care specialist who will share with you a few tips to save water while gardening.

5 Tips To Save Water During Tree Care In Bromley


• Use Large Pots

Some tree surgeons suggest their customers use large pots because it helps them to save watering time. It takes more time for plants to dry out when planted in large containers. You can also opt for galvanised tall buckets as they help in increasing the tree’s height and offer a unique look to your garden.

•Plant a Meadow

If you plan to plant a meadow in your garden, choose spring bulb meadow instead of traditional summer meadows, and you have to work less. Choose a suitable time to plant the bulbs to flower before May, and you can mow them from June onwards. It will also allow you to use the area as a beautiful lawn throughout the year.

• Mulch It

Some people avoid mulching their garden as they feel that it is a mountainous task. Arborists offering Tree Care in Bromley know that it is an integral part of their service which can help you save a lot of time. If you plan to mulch your garden during the winter, order some winter mulch and spread it over the borders. They are a bit expensive but help in suppressing weeds during spring.

• Select Some Low-Maintenance Plants

Though the high-maintenance plants are lovely to look at, planting those means you have to work more, a better alternative is to choose low maintenance plants like perfumed Phlox or Blue Paradise. They have better mildew resistance and can enhance the beauty of your garden.

• Keep Away Pests

Since pests can wreak havoc in your garden, the focus of every tree care specialist offering services in Bromley and surrounding areas is on keeping pests away from your outdoor space. Though you can get rid of them from your garden once they have attacked, preventing them is less time-consuming and saves money. They are even aware of the vegetables you can mix in your dahlia bed to keep away pests and make the beds look striking.

You can follow the tips stated above to save water during tree care or contact the tree care specialists at Manor Gardens. They have fully trained tree surgeons to carry out all kinds of tree work, from planting to removal. You will get premium quality tree care services at reasonable prices.

Qualities To Look For When Hiring Tree Surgeons in Bromley

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If you are one of the homeowners who think that the services offered by a tree surgeon are effortless and straightforward, you’re wrong. You can get peace of mind by hiring capable Tree Surgeons in Bromley. With numerous scattered all over Bromley, choosing one often becomes a challenge. The best you can do is look for one who has all the vital qualities. Manor Gardens’ tree surgeons are fully trained and experienced to the highest industry standards.

Hiring A Tree Surgeon? Few Qualities To Look For

Good Communication Skills

It will become easier for you to convey the type of tree services you are looking for if your hired surgeon has good communication skills. This is necessary if they have undertaken a big project and want to carry it out efficiently and safely. They often have to communicate concise and clear information to other tree surgeons to carry out the task safely. The objective is to avoid accidents. Working in the tree care industry is very challenging. Even a slight miscommunication can result in serious injuries.

Have Passion For Wildlife

Some people think that the only task of a tree surgeon is to chop down trees and damage everything in the path. Almost every tree surgeon has a passion for wildlife. They love trees and feel bad when they get rid of one. If there is a damaged or diseased tree in your garden, they will let you know whether you have to remove or trim them. They respect the natural world and always try to conserve biodiversity.

Knowledge About Plant Life

It is easy for tree surgeons to carry out various kinds of tree work with utmost proficiency as they have excellent knowledge about plant life. It is the legal responsibility of arborists to survey trees for wildlife. Most of them are trained and know about individual trees, shrubs, vines and perennial woody plants. To provide tree care services of the highest standards, they must have plenty of knowledge and expertise about different tree species.

Look for the qualities stated above when hiring a tree surgeon, and you will have complete peace of mind.


Tree Care in Croydon Offered By Contractors

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Although numerous domestic and commercial contractors throughout Croydon, you must hire someone reputable for Tree Care. They should have a wealth of experience and work to the highest industry standards. With the right tree surgeon by your side, you don’t have to waste hours looking after the trees in your garden every week. During winter, the outdoor space needs more gardening work, which becomes very time-consuming. Experienced tree surgeons know the type of Tree Care in Croydon that your trees need during the cold season. If you want your trees to look great but have a limited budget, choose some cost-effective tree care services according to the season.

2 Common Tree Care Services Offered By Tree Surgeons In Winter

Trimming Limbs

If you notice long branches from a tree are hanging over the roof, it’s time for you to approach a reliable tree surgeon offering limb trimming services. Unless the tree branches are trimmed professionally, they can lead to costly problems. Broken branches can even crash down entirely due to wind, snow, or rain if left ignored. The tree surgeon will even trim and cover the shrubs and bushes which require special winter protection. Don’t try DIY to save some money, as trimming limbs is more complicated than it looks.

Flower Bed Cleaning

Even a single Flower Bed cleanup can be helpful during winter. If you want the roots to store energy for the spring, do the trimming in late fall. The tree surgeon will ensure that every sort of slug and snail which generally feeds on plants is removed. Flowerbeds can be made healthier by removing mulch and leaves, blocking water absorption. Flower Bed cleaning is an integral part of Tree Care in Croydon, especially during winter.

Choose The Right Tree Surgeon For Tree Care In The Winter

If you want the trees in your garden to get the right amount of tree care throughout winter, make sure you choose the right tree surgeon for the task. You will have better peace of mind if you hire someone who has accredited qualifications. Manor Gardens is one of the few companies with certified, trained, and friendly tree surgeons. All of them are fully insured and NPTC qualified. You can hire them for a wide variety of domestic and commercial tree care services. It includes all kinds of tree work, from planting to removal.

Need Tree Cutting in Bromley? Three Tips To Save Money When Hiring A Tree Surgeon

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Overgrown trees in the garden are a common issue homeowners have to deal with throughout the year. Damaged or diseased trees can compromise your safety if you fail to prune or trim them at regular intervals. You will notice that they start to shed leaves, making your garden darker.

You can prevent this by contacting experienced tree surgeons offering tree cutting services. They will assess the condition of the trees in your garden and carry out any necessary work. If you have not yet hired a tree surgeon because you are afraid of the financial implications, follow the tips stated below.

Tips To Save Money When Hiring a Company For Tree Cutting In Bromley

  • Hire Experienced Tree Surgeons

Getting rid of a damaged or diseased tree from your garden is more challenging than you might think. Attempting it yourself could greatly compromise your safety. Tree surgeons consider numerous factors before beginning the tree cutting process. Moreover, experienced workers will likely complete the job in a faster time period, meaning the cost of labour will be reduced.


  • Ask Questions

If you want to have complete peace of mind when hiring tree surgeons, be sure to ask them plenty of questions. Schedule an initial consultation, in which you can find out everything you need to know, such as whether or not they will remove the tree after cutting it. Every tree surgeon quotes a different price, so you will need to do some research before hiring the right one.


  • Check Tree Cutting Costs

The cost of tree cutting in Bromley depends on various factors. Tree surgeons will consider the type and height of the tree that is to be removed. If a variety of trees is particularly easy to handle, they might suggest a lower price. They may quote a higher price if they have to remove any overhanging branches before getting rid of the tree.


  • Compare Prices

You can make a wise investment by gathering quotes from two or more tree surgeons and choosing one offering the service at affordable prices. However, you must be cautious that the company still offers professional services, as it could be dangerous to hire someone who doesn’t follow the correct tree cutting technique.

Follow the tips stated above to save money when hiring tree cutting services. For the best tree cutting in Bromley, get in touch with the experienced tree surgeons at Manor Gardens.

Five Reasons To Hire A Tree Surgeon For Tree Cutting In Bromley

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We often peek at beautifully landscaped gardens at others’ properties when roaming in the street. A professionally designed landscape can make our jaws drop. Beautiful outdoor living spaces enhance the appeal and value of the entire property. If you want to make the most of your own green space, you should consider hiring a tree surgeon. Chances are, every beautiful garden in your neighbourhood is the work of a good tree surgeon.

Several Tasks Undertaken By Tree Surgeons In Bromley

  • Taking proper care of the garden
  • Understanding the nutrition every tree species requires
  • Maintaining the shape of your lawn
  • Removing weeds and unwanted plants from the surroundings
  • Getting rid of damaged and diseased trees
  • Cutting down long shoots that are not growing properly at fixed intervals

Benefits Of Hiring A Skilled Tree Surgeon For Tree Cutting in Bromley

  1. The tree surgeons at Manor Gardens Tree Care are highly experienced in their field. As the name suggests, they are surgeons. Just as a surgeon operates on the human body, a tree surgeon does so for trees. Their experience and expertise will give your garden the best tree care possible.
  2. They know how to deal with tricky soil composition and nutrient mix issues. It is advisable to look for an established company who has been in the business for some time.
  3. We pride ourselves on our reasonable prices, our quotes being very affordable considering the services we provide.
  4. It is advisable to check the certification of the tree surgeon you are hiring for your peace of mind. When you hire Manor Gardens Tree Care, we guarantee that you will be highly satisfied with our certifications and pleased with our service.
  5. It is important to consider insurance when hiring a tree surgeon. This will ensure you are not liable for any damages the surgeon may incur when performing tree cutting in Bromley.

Choose The Best Tree Surgeons For Tree Cutting

If you want to reap all the benefits offered by an experienced tree surgeon, make sure you hire the right professional for tree cutting. Manor Gardens’ tree surgeons provide various tree care services for residential and commercial properties.