How Can Tree Care Services Spot Signs of Drought Stress in Trees?

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Summer is inarguably the most challenging period for the trees in the garden. Even after getting the proper amount of water and fertiliser, the trees may get affected by water loss. If the dry spell around the area goes on for long, the trees may suffer from drought stress.


More About Drought Stress:


Dried and sick trees are always a disheartening visual for the garden owner. It can pose a serious threat to your property and even your community. If your garden possesses woody plants, there is a greater chance it may suffer from drought stress. Thankfully, the issue can be quickly detected and addressed by professionals of Bromley tree services.


The Signs of Drought Stress in Trees:

In the following section, we talk more about the definitive signs of drought stress in trees. You must act proactively if you notice these signs and find an appropriate solution. Contact a tree care professional to give optimum care and attention to the tree.


Notice the Leaves of the Tree:


If you doubt your tree is suffering from drought stress, check its leaves. Studying the leaf condition can inform you about the tree’s overall condition. The sooner you detect the issue, the more time you get to take care of the tree. Here are some signs that you should look out for:


  • Defoliation: It is the condition where leaves fall from the trees even before autumn.

  • Leaf scorch: Here, the leaves get discoloured and become brown from the exteriors. If your garden has pine trees, the needles will acquire a yellowish hue.

  • Stem dieback: It is a common issue that is caused by a lack of water and nutrients. The stem of the tree dies from the outer canopy inward.

  • Smaller leaf formation: It is another noticeable trait where your tree will start producing smaller leaves than usual.

  • Wilting: If you spot your leaves to be dropping or curling, you can be sure that it is suffering from wilting.


As the owner of a garden, you must look at these signs of drought stress in your trees. Tending to these problems and protecting your garden from getting affected by the scorching spell of the summer sun is crucial. If you need an expert’s assistance, do not hesitate to contact Manor Gardens Tree Care. We are one of the most reliable garden services in Bromley. You can expect prompt action from our professionals to eliminate the problems of drought stress in your trees. For more information, you can visit our website today.